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    Oxalic use by date

    Remember having a meal at yours 2 weeks ago,felt fine afterwards,mind you we didn't have pies !!!!
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    when does frost kill off the ivy

    Had a hard frost here 2 days ago and the ivy still flowering. Bees really busy today.
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    Honey prices 2013

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    Bee friendly weed killer

    Roundup. i.e. Glyphosate.
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    Purchasing WBC

    Nice one.
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    Purchasing WBC

    Regarding the BEEHIVE sign.I am in the fortunate position that I don't need signs to explain what my bees live in because they look like beehives ---yes they live in WBC's.
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    2012 ??????????

    Healthy and Happy bees ----------Thats all.
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    What are you going to do with winter losses?

    Does look a trifle cruel but I think it's FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE !!!!
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    I hope not I was my attempt at sarcasm.
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    Yes unfortunately we did leave the English measures behind in the seveties. I suppose the next progressive step will be to adopt the Euro.!!!!!!!!!
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    Introducing new queen?

    I'm from the North. What's this "keep 'em warm and in the dark " stuff ???
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    Completely agree.I spend most of the program saying WHY DON'T THEY STICK TO ONE TOPIC AT A TIME much to my wife's annoyance
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    I spotted Heather...I think...

    nintendo Soft focus indeed!!! Having just viewed all the posts explaining how to play the Nintendo game I am now retiring to bed with a headache,but glad that you managed to resolve the issue Heather. Oh , enjoyed the advert even though the content was over my head.(and I thought fitting a...
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    Thank you for the colour chart.I also looked at the thread and found the comments most interesting. Regards Peter.
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    Many thanks for your prompt reply.I am not putting bees into the hives until Spring so will be O.K.I will start painting a.s.a.p Thanks again , Peter.