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  • Hi Greenelephant, thanks for your email.

    I am still sorting bits out - each hive looks like having 1 x floor with landing stage, 3 lifts (1 x with porch), 1 x BB, 2 x supers. Frames for BB and supers (hopefully to fill each box), all stripped of wax and boiled in bleach by local honey farmer for me.

    Oh yes, and a roof! Sorry. A couple have got dodgy legs, so I will be removing these, replacing, and painting, as I don't want to sell rubbish!

    Price £150 each - you are welcome to come and have a look, and put your name on one or more of them. Once I have moved my bees, I will repair any further damage I can see or you have spotted. ALL the wood is sound, no soft spots. I don't know if the lifts are deal or pine, but they are very sound.

    I will also have some sundry bits "in me shed" I will dig out and have ready in a week or two.

    Are you local?
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