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    working all day

    made a 3 cone nuc in july I cant believe how they have increased came back from walking dogs this morning just getting light and there already working. I moved this nuc from an out apiary to my garden in September I had the entrance blocked with grass for one night within an hour they were...
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    Weather - snow forecast for weekend

    Not sure about this, I live in somerset and for the last 3 years we have had a substantial amout of snow. I'm 55 now and cant ever remember that much snow??????
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    Colony & New Nuc. for sale - EAST DEVON

    can you email me info to [email protected] I will answer after 10
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    Colony & New Nuc. for sale - EAST DEVON

    Hi i'm having trouble sending a personel message, I am really interested in the bees can you help
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    Colony & New Nuc. for sale - EAST DEVON

    have you still got bees? how do i contact you? I am in somerset so think i am possibly not that far.