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    Now I know how it feels

    No I don't treat during the winter unless I need too and there were no signs in the autumn to say they had a heavy mite problem. When I put the fondant on in February they were more than happy, a nice warm day and they were out flying and bringing back pollen from the local snowdrops. Just have...
  2. Geordie1964

    Now I know how it feels

    Queen found dead in both hives this morning and treated in August with MAQS after taking the honey off, so as I said no obvious signs. So maybe just bad luck in that they got isolated from there stores during the last cold snap and for what ever reason they had lost bees and the colony was no...
  3. Geordie1964

    Now I know how it feels

    Well I've just returned from my bees and for the first time I've lost two hives to the winter. They had plenty of food in the frames and the precautionary Ambrosia fondant on the top (belt & braces). Insulated with Celotex and with a moisture quilt above them yet still they didn't make it...
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    What do you call your hives?

    Mine are named after prison wings A wing, B wing, C wing then the supers are the 1's, 2's & 3's, as they did all start their lives behind the wall....... My Honeys even called Bee Wing Honey.....
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    OSR Nectar

    I think Finman could have the answer in that the temperatures we have been having overall have just been too cold. We have had a few warm days but then very cold nights or very cool winds during the day. As I've said the hives are packed with bees so the Queens are good and there in a very good...
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    OSR Nectar

    Hi my Hives are in the South East area of Kent and this is the first year I've had to deal with OSR as I had to move my hives location over the winter. My Bees are within 300m of one large field of OSR and within about 1 mile of 3 others and all are in full flower and look ready to go. The...
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    Thieving bar stewards

    I'm always sorry to hear that someone has had their bees stolen because we put so much time and effort into keeping them. But I'm fortunate to have what must be the most secure bees in the country. My hives are kept within a 300 year old fortification with walls 15 feet thick, it has its own...