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    mated queen

    Gave him a call and at present they do not have any available and expect them in the middle of June - tel no 01584 890236
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    mated queen

    I need one too if anyone has one after of course alberturner has been sorted x
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    salmon died but the sea trout lived through it.

    salmon are generally more suspectable from pollution than sea trout
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    Sugar 2kg - £1.59

    http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/search/searchcontainer.jsp?trailSize=1&searchString=sugar&domainName=Products&headerVersion=v1&_requestid=481543 sorry if already posted
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    Just caught a swarm, what now??

    i have all the lovely ling heather out in bloom with me at the moment you can make fondant? gonna sound stupid but how?
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    Just caught a swarm, what now??

    No they are not my bees no idea where they have come from to be honest! I have put them in a national brood box with drawn foundation. I have put a reduced entrance in already. what ratio syrup should i feed them? Well happy with my catch today thank you for the advice everyone, much...
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    Just caught a swarm, what now??

    Hey all I just caught a swarm, managed to get them into a hive...... What do i need to do now to get these bees off to the best start? All advice welcome
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    Wasps attacking hive

    I had the same problem so i narrowed the hive to 1 to 2 bee space and it has helped loads. Have put wasp traps everywhere!!! Catching about 100 wasps every day, 100 wasps less attacking my hive. They seem to leave my ladies alone now and just drown themselves. Have hunted in vain for the...
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    Queens for sale

    do you have any left
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  11. Face to the name

    Face to the name