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    Bee sting desensitisation course

    Hi Abi-e Addenbrookes most certainly have got an allergy clinic - I have been on the de-sensitising programme since July last year there! Mind you my doctors were worse than hopeless, I asked to be referred to Dr Grattan at Norfolk and Norwich and from there he referred me to Addenbrookes. If...
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    Uniting caste swarm advice please

    Thank you both, for your replies. Both swarms were so small I thought they would have a better chance as one colony. I will feed tomorrow.
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    Uniting caste swarm advice please

    Picked up a primary swarm which I suspected may have had two queens as eagle eyed OH spotted a very small queen (virgin?). Put them into a bb. A lot of the bees have now disappeared but the remaining ones are drawing comb. I think I may be left with a caste swarm. I have another caste swarm in...
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    Who's lost a swarm then...........

    ours swarmed last Thursday - I knew something was afoot as kept getting bees in the kitchen (scouts). The hives are over the other side of the field a good quarter mile. Huge swarm on a fence post which was quite awkward to get into a box. Got a good 90% of them in a brood box but checked...
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    2013 v 2014 build up

    Same here - our two hives both have 9 frames of brood.
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    Are you on brood and a half?

    Perhaps I should have put IF the bees are filling both boxes. Pardon me. This is why I don't come on here very often - frankly.
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    Are you on brood and a half?

    thanks E - there does seem to be alot of bees in the hive so am thinking I will leave them on brood and a half. Would you swap the super to go on top of the brood box at some point? it's on the bottom at the moment.
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    Are you on brood and a half?

    Hi All Going back to the original post, I have one colony on brood and a half with the super underneath. If I want to reduce to single brood box and the bees are filling both boxes at present what is the best course of action? Thanks - FB
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    Queen Excluder 500 x 500 mm

    They've found a new home - subject to delivery of course :owned:
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    Queen Excluder 500 x 500 mm

    Hi Redwood They are yellow plastic ones - no maintenance required! I can't even remember where I got them from, but they've never been used. FB
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    Queen Excluder 500 x 500 mm

    Admin - please move this to another section if need beeeeee I have two 500 x 500 mm queen excluders - never used - going free to a good home if anyone would like them (those in Norfolk of course). FB
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    Sting response nightmare

    I have just completed week four of my desensitization course - and have to say this week the reaction has been minimal. So if you get a chance to do it - go for it ! It's a big commitment for the first twelve weeks but well worth it.
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    Bee sting desensitisation course

    Started mine on Tuesday - two injections, one in each arm half an hour apart. A tiny dose 0.02 ml - no adverse reaction, just itched like mad for a day or so! Same dose to look forward to next Tuesday. Again - thanks to DPearce for the inspiration. :thanks:
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    Help please!

    Hi - you could try hiving it now if you are sure the queen is in there. Or put in a nuc box if it is a cast swarm.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Did an AS last week and checked the 'swarmed' hive today with last year's queen. They are going great guns - packed with bees so put a third super on. First super almost ready for extracting - yippee! Fingers crossed the virgin queen will be ok so I can take two hives through the winter. FB