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    Top Dollar

    I say crack on and good luck to them. If I ever sell any quantity honey i have an ambition to a ) have a thread started by someone who is utterly traumatised by the price and b ) sell out. This was sparked after someone showed me a post by an Instagram influencer who was peddling bath...
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    Hive monitors

    few things there to keep me quiet for a bit, i knocked up a couple of sensor pcb desings to go in a hive so they are there for when oppotunity arriese to have them made cheeply see quite a few open source monitor projects but most of them seem to have fizzeled out
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    Home made api melter or alternatives.

    looks like the £485 gets you an extra heating eliment and thermostat in the lid
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    Home made api melter or alternatives.

    most things arn't hard to make just they normally arnt worth makeing. control cuircuits are easy to do now very easy no mess no fuss with the likes of arduinos, you dont even have to get it 100% right first time as hadware would all be the same just minor programming changes. modern power...
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    well i put some flood lights outside, changed glowplugs on the car and looked at the nucs i made. i had a load of osb for makeing shelves and storage boxes so i got over keen one evening a while back and made 12 nucs. thinking they would be good for bait hives, ill try them as such but i...
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    Hive monitors

    Airflow is always a tricky subject. It never flows how you’d expect most of the time it dosent even flow but tumbles anyway. I have thought about laser scanning an entire hive and going begging where I used to work and running CFD on it. But then realised it was competly pointless as...
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    Hive monitors

    hive monitoring is something that appeals to me altho i plan at some point to build my own monitors, ive doen quite a lot of automotive tuning and it's all about data. to a point it's log everythign you can think of then work out what you want later, on small scale storage of data is basicly...
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    Sole trader, Limited Company or what?

    they have got all the data they know, i think that if you know they are looking at you your allready stuffed. my personal view is if your sole trader just insure well and that'll be fine once your employing someone if you own a house go LTD
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    # of starting hives?

    that is the kind of daft idea i would have and do, have done simalar before
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    Hobbies are a strange one for me now the day job has killed my intrest in my old hobbies, used to be metalbashing building machenes and cars. But spannering / repairing and building farm equipment and dealing with farmers has truly knackered that. So flat out into bees , house bashing and...
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    Looking for land to keep bees. What is the Etiquette?

    IMO farmers are a pain to deal with, I see and deal with them day in day out. They are a lot easyer to deal with off you know them or have been referred to them by another farmer. If they think your making a pound they want 2 tho, I would be worried about spray schedules ect as they get...
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    Mrs Bs Bees

    I think small jars would be better at show people like to wander about and buy some stuff they aren't there to buy anything specific but have money to burn sell them light expensive things so they can carry more of them. move learnt the hard way not to compete on price at one point I struggled...
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    First Jasper of the year

    May as well buy the Ifor a set of brake cables. The metal spiral in the cable rusts, expands annex grabs the inner, They are sods for it off left on grass
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    Mrs Bs Bees

    No price is a rip off. You put your good to market at whatever price you like and you will ether sell them or not. The people who chirp rip off do so regardless of price anyway. If they actually buy it your really screwed tho as no one else will
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    Beekeeping on the titterstone Clee hill

    Petrol / TVO engines are allways a bit of a game as there isnt really a proper replacement for tvo so you have to blend it. there are alsorts of recipes out there some are obviously very misguided, but they need some aromatics in the fuel and kersene has none so a blend of petrol and heating...