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    Great Tits feeding their young on my bees.

    what happens if that individual bee is a virgin queen on a mating flight ?
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    Beginner, never been stung

    I have been keeping bees for 3 years ,I have 4 bee colonies and have handled many other colonies on different courses etc including a lively hive during my Basic exam.I have never been stung does this make me unique? !! I wear marigold gloves.
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    bees and chickens

    I have three dogs and its the Parsons Russell that gets picked on the most ,they seem to get tangled in his fluffy coat.
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    bees and chickens

    2 yrs ago a queenless colony attacked my turkeys,geese and my dogs but left the chickens alone !! The bees seem to be attracted to the drinkers i put out for the birds. The birds are all free range. PS united the colony with another and they are now really nice to handle.:)