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    Sole trader, Limited Company or what?

    Sole Trader is probably the best but if you are looking for a more independent entity which will shield you a bit more, a Limited Liability Partnership is a good compromise. It does not have all the admin of a ltd company.
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    In a typical bee yard,...how often should you find a mean hive? And...

    I do not tolerate consistently tetchy colonies. The thought of inspecting one (usually left for last) gives me a cold sweat in a already overheated suit. Currently for me, in 5% of my colonies I accept a bit of attitude. I want to look forward to inspections, not dread them.
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    Piping virgin queen

    Great video, thanks!
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    3 layer jacket

    I bought one of the 3 layer ventilated (full suit) ones off ebay as asked and it works very well so far. One thing that scared me initially is that you can feel the bees momentum in the back of your head and ears. Other than that I had no stings but only used it a couple times and did not upset...
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    Nuc's for sale - Bath, Wiltshire/Somerset (overwintered)

    I have a couple of 2018 nuc's on National frames for sale. All overwintered and treated for varoa with thymol and oxalic acid over winter. I can supply them in a travel box or alternatively a Poly nuc for an additional £30 (painted or left untreated). The nuc's are on 5 frames and have brood...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    I went around to have a quick check and top- up of fondant levels. All my colonies survived and some are really looking very healthy in terms of numbers. Starting to get excited and anxious (for getting stung, haha) about the season.
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    Pimp my Poly

    The nuc and modification looks good 👍 reminding me to probably get started for the year.
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    Am I being robbed?

    Birdsandbees and Hivemaker are more than likely correct but it is difficult to see in the video. If the dead bees are darker and shiny (albeit very slight) then it is the virus. I also have a hive with it at present which is unfortunate. Good luck
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    Identification of these robbers

    @ Enrico Hahaha! Oh hell, hope this is not a venerial disease. Ps. Marigold gloves for all of those who rushed to click��
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    Identification of these robbers

    I think Mick and Finman read the signs correct. The bees appear glossy black without hair (which they lose) and the guard bees do not allow them back in which made me believe they are robbing. Eventually it weakens the colony. You can just about see the effect on the bees in the picture although...
  11. Flyboy

    Identification of these robbers

    Saying it is a large colony able to defend themselves and not a nuc.
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    Identification of these robbers

    Is there anything else that I could do for them? Fresh frames or something? I am rather isolated so fresh genes will be good.
  13. Flyboy

    Identification of these robbers

    The hive is currently in a demaree due to their size but I will look into the disease possibility. Thanks!!!
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    Identification of these robbers

    Hi, I need some help identifying these unwelcome visitors that pester my colonies. I don't know what they prey on but they latch on to a colony and cause a huge loss of bees and ultimately killed a hive last year. They have a much smaller body which is black and a different shape abdomen. I can...
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    Bee war!!

    I suspect its robbing. Had my best hive under siege last week and had thousands of dead bees subsequently. There was no drop of honey in the hive and all the bees were dormant almost sleepy till I placed a frame of stores in and it became alive. Keep a close eye on it!