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    First spring inspection 2015

    I was always told by experienced beeks that you should wait until the currants are in blossom, and you need a "T shirt" day with an air temperature of 17 degrees or over. I've no intention of going in my hives until mid/late April. I can't see what there is to gain by going in early. (Ducks.....)
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    motorized radial extractors

    Looks more like £470 including delivery to me. Tony
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    motorized radial extractors

    I'm referring to the Giordan 8 frame drill driven extractor. Maybe we should try and get a bulk discount. Tony
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    motorized radial extractors

    Well the Euro has dropped, factory price is 295 euro plus vat, if the uk distributor drops the price to reflect strong pound I'll prob get one too.
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    Is a small swarm worth the effort?

    Well sometimes not, but this one was... http://vimeo.com/101029841 <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/101029841" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/101029841">swarm after 6 weeks</a> from...
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    mated queens

    Hey Guys, I need a mated queen. Any recommendations on where to buy one from would be appreciated. Ta Tony
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    Honey rather than sugar

    I can't believe I've had the patience to read all this...!!! Going back (a long way) to the OP, I have allways left my bees a full super of honey, and they have allways survived well with minimal or no feeding. However being such a small sample this is hardly scientific evidence. Common sense...
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    how much honey can a super hold?

    Cool beans you guys, I just got 28lbs, 9 frames. A personal best.
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    how much honey can a super hold?

    STD National. Anyone care to share their best yeilds?
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    Isolation starvation avoidance

    As I lost two colonies to this last year I am naturally keen to avoid a repetition. An idea I am considering is making the hive more vertical than horizontal, as the cluster can obviously move up and down a lot easier than sideways. Also less heat would be lost. So, I am considering putting...
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    Double Brood Inspections

    In answer to original post.... I have found myself in the (what I originally thought messy) brood and half situation, here's what I do.. Remove crown board, and anything else above QE, and place on upturned roof. place an empty super box on CB remove QE inspect each 1/2 frame, then placing...
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    Anti swarm procedure

    Gals and Guys.. (see, already breaking with protocol) Into my 4th season, so beginning to think I am beginning to feel a bit confident about bees, but much more to learn for sure. All the anti swarm procedures I have read about focus on separating the flying bees and Q from the rest of the...
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    white cells

    Normally I'd probably agree but after the winter's losses I've no shortage of comb!
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    white cells

    ok think I'll just ditch the frame as the bees have plenty of pollen and are also bringing loads in. thanks Tony
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    white cells

    Guys, went to have a pre-first inspection inspection today. (i.e. quick look in the top) Colony is on satndard national, brood and 1/2. Bees look good, bringing in pollen and nectar. I stopped looking when I found brood at all stages on one of the top frames. I did remove one other of the top...