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    Q Rearing questions

    I would be interested Polyhive
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    Q Rearing questions

    "running in" is using a hatched virgin queen, opposed to using a ripe queen cell, running in is when you introduce her to the prepared mini-nuc.Well that's how I have always understood it.
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    Exhausted Queen back from mating flight?

    how often should you check to see if she is laying?
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    Awaiting a swarm?

    Is that a new type of hybrid hive, Poly?
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    Mini Nuc Stocking Instructions

    Might Be a daft question , but how long do you keep them shut in the mini nuc once you introduce a virgin?
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    Howard rotorvator

    Sorry to correct you Pete, but the 400, 450 and 500 series were completely different to the gem series. I have series 1, 2 and 3 Gems. Bottom Left picture is a 400 series. the others are Top Left a series 1 gem(26th August 1944) with bicycle handle bars, Bottom Right a series2 gem (needing an...
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    50,000 posts!!!

    No Mark, A BIG THANK YOU to YOU for making it possible
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    Have seen it all now!

    :party: Makes me feel wanted, but us yorkies were born with big shoulders, god knew we would get picked upon, after all we do live in God's county :music-smiley-023: Sorry to hear about the thefts and vandalism Stiffy
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    Best Water plants company in victoria

    :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
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    3 feet 3 mile

    You mean as the Bee flies :laughing-smiley-004:nature-smiley-013:
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    vandalism to my hives

    To Keep one legally, there are a lot of illegal guns out there too
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    Record Keeping Software

    Keep up the good work Sphex, I am looking forwards to using your software for real, had a few plays around using the smart phone to make sure everything is ready for the first inspections (barcode reader working ok, data transfer etc..) Am looking forwards to it. :cheers2::cheers2:
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    BBKA holds old dears to ransom!

    :patriot: Arise Lord Finman :patriot:
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    What would you plant in a fallow field

    If the field is left fallow then the farmer must think it needs a rest and would be very unlikely to want anything growing in it, but if he can be convinced then why not something like phacelia which bees love and it can be ploughed back in as a green manure.
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    Equipment agents in West Midlands

    there ya go Pete: Black Country Bee Keeping 78, Coopers Lane, Smethwick West Midlands B67 7DJ Tel: 0121 558 8623