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    NUCS Wanted... Kent

    Looking for a couple of local nucs, close to Dartford if poss! Ta... Duncan
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    Bees in Kent

    Any this year? Hi... Lost a hive or two late 2015. Do you have any bees for sale this coming year please? Thanks! Duncan, Nr Dartford.
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    Going large!

    Although I'm ok with splitting, I guess I want to move more into the queen rearing part of life. Has anyone here deliberately downsized from a larger volume for any reason - and why? Interesting to hear from the chaps with larger volumes - luckily storage isn't a problem as I have farm access...
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    Going large!

    20 just being a nice round number to average out over 2 sites, convenient mathematics. Just trying a theory really... My concerns are more over splitting and casting, whilst retaining good animal husbandry.
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    Going large!

    About 6 years, swinging between 4 and 8, depending on the weather and general inability!
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    Going large!

    Eve'nin' all. As a relative newbie, and forum virgin... Just wondered the opinions on how to go from 4 to 20 hives... Any advice on how to 'go large' or should I just 'go home'? They'll be all be nationals, and I have a helper to aid lifting...
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    As I mean to go on...

    Well, I promise to listen to all. And more than likely completely ignore the right answers.
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    As I mean to go on...

    I've started. I'm new. I'm not overly sure. Looking forward to conversing with enlighted Beeks over the coming years, picking your brains, getting advice.