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    Todays Noob question

    I understand why there are plenty of drones and drone cells at the beginning of the season but its now mid season, my hive has swarmed and so now i have 2 hives. So why is one still laying drone cells?
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    first full inspection

    I've checked the hive today after having a peek and putting the super on when the weather was good earlier in the month. The drone cells were all under the super and came away when i took it off. This was disappointing but did give me an opportunity to check for veroa, which was there. Some...
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    More Space needed?

    Hi, I've been reading on here "when they look like they need more space" or "when more space is needed" but what are the signs of that? How do you know when more space is required?
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    Queen Cell spotted

    Ah ok. I'll remove the supers. Yep it was just one cell at the bottom left corner of a middle-ish frame. Whats the advice if it is a supercedure cell?
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    Queen Cell spotted

    Hi All, This'll be my first post - HELLO! It's my first full year of bee keeping this year as i bought a hive and nuc in July last year and i'm glad to say they've made it through the winter very well. I had a look in the hive at the weekend as there was quite a bit of activity at the...