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  1. DrNick

    Sale Prices

    I may be wrong but I was lead to believe that advertised prices are a guideline only.
  2. DrNick

    Does thymol mix go off?

    I always keep mine in the fridge in an airtight container, that lasts without any problem, I leave it out for a few hours to warm up before use though.
  3. DrNick

    My inspection tray is stuck

    :iagree: One of mine was stuck a month or so back, it was nothing to do with the runners, the bees had dribbled propolis down on to it and then pulled it up to the mesh floor and stuck it good and proper, you will need to take the brood box of as mentioned above.
  4. DrNick

    Advice for Planting Some Land for the Bees...

    Try this website http://www.kingscrops.co.uk/kc/pages/page.jhtml?page_id=700006
  5. DrNick

    Marking hives/branding

    I bought a set of letter/number punches on fleabite for about £6 a few years back, it is a bit unfortunate if your initials are not that good, I have a friend whos initials are SOB :eek:
  6. DrNick

    Marking hives/branding

    The link isn't working properly.
  7. DrNick

    Sugar Prices

    does 2Kg sugar + 1 litre water = 3 litres? (or more or less!?!) It is less but I can't remember the exact amount, it is 2.3-2.5Ltrs at most.
  8. DrNick

    Sugar Prices

  9. DrNick

    New Bee or not New Bee? That is the question.

    If it ain't broke fix the grammar :D
  10. DrNick

    Sugar Prices

    Poundland have 1.5kg bags for go on have a guess £1
  11. DrNick

    When is the right time?

    @derekm, red has already said they are in central Rotherham and that they are urban bees, granted there is no mention of what type of hive or position (South facing etc) but you can pretty much work out that the bees will be feeding from hanging baskets and garden flowers as well as the weeds...
  12. DrNick

    Start up grants

    I am aware that there are small (minute) grants available in Wales for turning fields in to meadows but the hoops you have to jump through and the (size) scale at which it has to be done outweighs any benefit you would get from a grant.
  13. DrNick

    When is the right time?

    Hi Red, I am in Doncaster so a little further out than Chris, as mentioned above by @als bees you are probably being given good information by those around you, also Ivy honey is not to most peoples liking and many feed it back to the bees (let the bees keep it), if you remove the super now you...
  14. DrNick

    Start up grants

    Grants for what?
  15. DrNick

    Wasp traps

    If you put something with alcohol in the bees will not be interested, you don't have to use much or your best malt whiskey, some cheap vodka type drink works well as it tends to be fruit based and of course the alcohol keeps the bees out, I have three "wasp pipes" they are small cone shaped...