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    centrifuge for analysing pollen

    Mmm... maybe too risky for me, and I don't have a decent vice anyway. But if it works for you, great.
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    centrifuge for analysing pollen

    Thanks, that's interesting. I haven't seen any used ones.
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    centrifuge for analysing pollen

    OK I think that might rule out a hand driven centrifuge.
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    centrifuge for analysing pollen

    I have a high powered microscope and would like to use it to analyse the pollen in my honey. I need a centrifuge to extract the pollen. Any recommendations? What about a cheap hand-powered centrifuge like this one from RVFM...
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    Heather 2018

    I had two colonies on moors above Skipton from 8 August to 4 September. I could see on arrival on 8 August that flowering was well advanced, so it would have been good to have started earlier. I would have but the moor had been closed due to fire risk and it took a while for access to be...
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    Nitriles for leather

    I've just bought some fingerless cotton gloves from JustGloves website, to catch the sweat. being fingerless, they don't reduce the dexterity.
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    Easy soft fondant recipe

    "all the anti-caking additives they put into icing sugar for a start" Fair point. My box of icing sugar is 97% sugar, 3% maize starch. When I google, I find Michael Bush explaining that bees can't digest the starch. I suppose this is why I see suggestions to grind down granulated sugar to use...
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    Easy soft fondant recipe

    Rather than heat up a mixture to make a classic fondant, you could more simply mix icing sugar with just enough warmed honey to make a stiff paste. No cooking involved. Is there anything wrong with that?
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    Finman post I like on build up of hive, supering etc

    I like this post by Finman
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    When to call it a day on the heather?

    Report from Wharfedale Just to report that I took two hives to heather near Skipton. 7 August to 3 September. The flow was fairly steady throughout, with the majority in the first 10 days. We had some rain in late July, and good weather while the bees were there. 57lbs in the supers between...
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    Heather honey question.

    It's been a good season in Yorkshire, with my hives filling a super in the first 10 days (7th to 18th August). I've read theories that a dry spring or lack of August sunshine can stop the flow. But I don't have enough experience yet to comment.
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    My heather honey is crystallising. Why?

    AndyTh Brilliant, and I like the use of an old freezer. I must get my act together and do something similar.
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    My heather honey is crystallising. Why?

    Andy Well I can confirm that you can liquify crystallised heather honey, as following ITLD's post, I've done so today, both this year's (semi crystrallised) and last year's (solid). However i did so in an oven at its lowest setting and the honey reached 57 degrees C, which I've been told is too...
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    My heather honey is crystallising. Why?

    downhill john I would remove the postcode from your details you never know who is watching. Beejoyful, thanks, good point
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    My heather honey is crystallising. Why?

    Thanks for the advice. I am encouraging members of my club to have a go at the heather as we have access to a good moor. But I need to build up my own knowledge too, as I want members to get a return for the effort. I thought that the honey from Harvey Nick's might be yours. I haven't bought a...