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    Maisemoore sale

    Its online and in the shop.
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    Requeening a drone layer hive?

    If i was you i would shake your bees off all the frames into the brood chamber and carry the hive about 100 yds away. Then knock all the bees onto the floor and go back and put the frames back into the hive apart from the ones with the drone brood on them. Then get your hive tool and rub it...
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    double brood, 14x12 or one and half, experience please!

    I only use nat brood chambers and as some are more prolific than others i dont see the need 4 larger brood chambers as our climate are not suited to long summers and all round honey flows, but each 2 our own. The bigger the brood body the less honey you should get in theory but given a choice i...
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    Stoneleigh questions

    Nice of admin to let th***es advertise on this post!