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    200 Jobs gone to India

    The washing machines were overhyped/overpriced and unreliable.
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    Getting started

    Thanks for your answers. I think that a swarm would best be supplied from experienced beekeeper that could check them for temprement and health. I would also purchase a nuc if you think i still have plenty of time to build them up for the winter. Aldi honey no thanks i am quite prepared to pay...
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    Getting started

    Hi I would like some advice about getting started. Have just finished my practical course with local association. The course members were advised by our tutors not to start with a swarm but to purchase a nuc. Have just spoken to a good beekeeping friend who has advised me to start with a swarm...
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    Swarm arriving

    How far will scout bees travel from a swarm to sus out a new home?
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    Annoying ill advised sales!!!

    Why has it got a doorbell on the side? Is it for the bees to ask to come in.
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    Poly Hive's?

    As a newbie starting next year I am looking to purchase hives/equipment over winter. I do like the poly hives from MB over the ones from paynes after reading the comments regarding holes/repairs/filler etc. As regards compatability of the MB poly hives with wood parts etc I dont see this as a...
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    And we shall have snow!

    Reading the comments regarding blocking/covering the entrance to stop the light reflecting off the snow and luring the bees out. If you have a mesh floor should this be closed. As light would reflect up into the hive.
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    Poly Hive's?

    I am going to start beekeeping next year. Have been looking at hive options and like the look/design/price of the poly hives from paynes that have been discused here. My only concern is what are they like to take apart when stuck with propolis. Would the edges become damaged when prised apart...
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    price of half a pound of honey in jar.

    I would like to keep bees next year. But it looks like there is not much to be made from selling honey. My local farm shop is selling pound jars from 3 local producers for £3.75.
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    Hives in gardens

    Thanks For your answers. I am going to join my local BKA and get on a course. They run them after christmas. Also if you purchase a nuc of bees from a local keeper should they also come from over three miles away.
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    Hives in gardens

    Blimey I did not think that my first question on this forum would open such a can of worms. I may consider using my friends garden but only if I have a backup apiary site that i could use just in case things go wrong. At least I have the winter to find somewhere as I was looking to start next...
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    Hives in gardens

    I think that after reading all your views I would feel safer if they were not in a urban garden. Recently I was put in touch with a local beekeeper who let me join him at his apiary on a local farm. After getting suited and booted he showed me inside his hives and let me handle some frames of...
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    Hives in gardens

    Thanks all for your advice. If I can find another place to put them all the better. May ask around local garden centres if they have a quiet corner or a farm.
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    Hives in gardens

    Would like to start beekeeping next year. Looking to place hives in friends garden as the wife wont let me keep them in ours. One side have children but dont mind them being there. The garden is 60 foot long be 22 and has tall hedges on two sides. Would like members opinions on the pros and cons...