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    Bee stings

    Don't use tweezers, you'll just squeeze all the venom in. Scrape off with finger nail or edge of hive tool.
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    elimentary hefting question

    You will find life much easier in a number of ways if you attach your brood box to the floor using spring fasteners available from all leading bee suppliers. I lift the whole hive, floor b box and lid from one side. You will get used to what feels a good weight. If unsure put a screw in the...
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    experienced eye on pics below please

    I think it's the apiguard; in warm weather they escape the stink of the stuff inside and gather at the front. Lots of fanning as well to get some fresh air in.
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    Reducing the faff of extracting

    No. It just oscillates on the spot, but it takes all the banging and knocking out of the drum that I used to get.
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    Reducing the faff of extracting

    :thanks: This is the best tip I have picked up from here for months. I mounted my 8frame Giordan on castor wheels after reading this and my second batch of extraction has been a dream. I can leave the extractor running while uncapping next load and not worry about the shed disintegrating...
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    Hot, no flow, scarce water, discuss....

    Well sorry, didn't mean to sound flippant, but to be honest I have done nothing different with my hives this summer except pile the supers on and they have produced a huge crop. Coming to and end now though.
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    Hot, no flow, scarce water, discuss....

    They will continue to use established water source unless it dries up completely, mine use garden pond so still plenty there. Mesh floor is adequate ventilation, no need to do anything at the top. Honey bees thrive in climates where this weather is the norm.
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    Selling honey

    !. The address must be specific enough for someone to find you, first line + postcode will suffice. 2.Yes you must put best before, although there appears to be no limit on what you can put. Most put 2-3 years I believe 3. Yes you can. The BBKA used to have a simple factsheet on their...
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    New Beekeeper - standard vs 14x12

    Splendid entertainment, thank you both! In a couple of weeks time I'm leading the 'Hive' session at our beginners course, inevitably after we have discussed the relative merits of available options, someone will ask 'so which is the best type of hive to use?' I shall just direct them here...
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    B&Q square clamp

    That is an extraordinarily tidy work area!
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    Plant identification

    Quick growing and sets seed easily, so keep an eye on it!
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    I remember my Dad being given an apidictor to trial way back when. As I recall he stuck mikes on the hives for one season and it then sat on the shelf in the bee shed thereafter. Not a great success, but today's technology is somewhat more sophisticated.
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    Painting poly nucs

    I've done some with masonry paint and some with the cuprinol shades that I use for my cedar hives. Both last equally well.
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    Question for the Honey Judges please

    BBKA Guide for Judges: Cut Comb Honey "New thin worker foundation is preferred to drone foundation"
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    Have I made a mistake?

    Not sure what your wasp guard looks like, but if you just reduce your normal entrance down to about 2cm wide it will make it easier for your guard bees to defend and should keep wasps out if it is a reasonably strong colony. I wouldn't be too concerned about a few bees congregating at the...