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    Pollen still coming in

    no, no shrouding...just large leg basket fulls of white pollen.
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    Pollen still coming in

    mine are bringing home large amounts of almost white pollen. Might it be Himalayan balsam?
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    HM thymol treatment

    Hi, I can't answer your question I'm afraid but, being a florist, just wanted to point out that florist's oasis contains some very nasty chemicals including quite high levels of formaldehyde. There has been a lot of controversy lately surrounding it's use in our industry. Just thought I'd...
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    Inspection during Apiguard treatment

    I asked my local apiarist a similar question just today and he said tray 1 = two weeks, if it's not finished when you put in tray two turn the first tray upside down so now you have two trays in there. If after a further two weeks the trays are not empty, remove the contents and scrape this...
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    What should I do to prepare for the bee inspector?

    I've never had an inspection but our local inspector gave a lecture on our course. He told us that the only thing people need to provide (and very often don't) is somewhere safe to empty his smoker! He seemed a lovely bloke, really enthusiastic and knowledgeable! Tara.
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    Argghh - ROBBING!!

    Thanks, I think I will make one for wasp protection next year then. As for this year,I may be being naive but I think the robbing may have stopped. I replaced the entrance block with a solid piece of cedar that had two 7mm holes drilled into it on Saturday evening. I did an inspection...
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    Garden beekeepers: What are your bees foraging on?

    Up until last week my bees were stuffing themselves silly with 'golden rod' sorry, I don't know the proper name but it was absolutely heaving with bees. Tara.
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    Argghh - ROBBING!!

    Thanks for the link! and thanks to Mr Meldrew! That looks like a marvellous contraption! I have restricted the entrance to 2 x 7mm holes and am feeding under cover of darkness but the attacks continue. I'll get Dave to make me one of those when he gets in. Thanks again, Tara.
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    Argghh - ROBBING!!

    Please, can you direct me to this advice? I have tried search but cannot find any reference to it. Is this device useful against robber bees as well as wasps? Only I fear my colony may be losing the battle. Tara
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    Help, Plenty of stores....

    I'm certainly no expert but doesn't thymol based varroa treatment put queenie off for a short while? Tara
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    Seperate new beekeepers forum section ?

    Hi, I'm brand new and this is my first post. Someone earlier in this thread asked what is the difference between a book and a forum? Well I think they are very different! Books don't make little jokes, tell you it's happened to them, reassure that it wasn't something you did or tell you off for...