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    Late Flow?

    I also live in Norfolk/Suffolk bandit country, and have nothing much coming in. In fact, no surplus at all since the rape went over. The exception to this is my one experimental poly hive that has gathered a super and a half since rape extraction. I'm going to widen the experiment next season...
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    Moving Hives

    Richard, I noticed spring beans all around your village as I passed through the other day. I wish I had some around here.
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    Moving Hives

    Richard, let me know if you need a hand with loading etc.
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    National Hive Plans

    Seeing as how you seem open to the idea of buying... Why not buy one of each so that you have something to replicate. A bit like having 3d plans that you can handle and measure etc.
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    Why is nothing straightforward in bee keeping ?

    Hi Lorrick, I'm a stove installer/sweep and I keep bees. I also live very close to you (I'm in Metfield). Focusing on the chimney for a moment, If it were mine, I'd want them out as soon as possible. If they're left to build a lot of comb, I think your friend may have little option other...