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    petrol to drive swarm from roof??

    a good old bee keeper tells me that a cloth soaked in jays fluid drives them from there home he has used this method for years
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    How do Queens kill other Queens??

    looks like i am getting better at this beekeeping game lol. i think i will start calling myself a beekeeper soon.
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    How do Queens kill other Queens??

    Am i right in saying the queen sting is not barbed or am i being a plonker
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    Two nuc's for sale london

    not a bad one mate lol
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    Two nuc's for sale london

    many thanks for the nuc well pleased would do buisness with you again once again thanks for making me feel so welcome i had lovely afternoon with you both and the cup of tea went down a treat hope to chat again soon maybe next time you can come down and meet my family . :):):)
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    Laying worker?

    well sounds like they are in trouble any way nothing to lose good luck Kasmcc
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    Disadvantages of Beekeeping

    you need DAZ
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    Laying worker?

    i had the same problem last year with a Lw the way i sorted it out was to shack all of them out abot 50 ft away. the flying bees found the way back to the hive but the younge bees wich will prob be the lw as never left the hive so do not no the location of the hive, they sadly went to bee...
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    Disadvantages of Beekeeping

    my girls keep reading a diffrent book than me
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    I'm a daddy!

    congrats on being a daddy but remember it takes a boy to make a baby but a man to make a dad lol
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    National Beehives for sale

    hi i live in the Ashford area where abouts are you in the london area would be interested in them pm me your address and phone i will give you a call to have a chat many thanks Dale
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    Have I been caught?

    yep just brought new mated queen from them . his words were send me the money i will send you new queen by return waited 3 weeks after phoning 4 times bad service never again
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    drone laying worker

    I took the bees for a drive today down a country lane in a field near home . I cleared all the bees out of the hive on the ground they was not very happy about it chased me all the way to the van my wife had to driver further down the lane till they left me alone . :puke: 1 Set new hive up...
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    Lots of hives

    i wonder if there is a law to stop you bringing them back to the uk
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    drone laying worker

    well tkwinston i will be interested how you get on i will try and give it ago this week. but i will strugle to get 100 mtr away to shake them off. so think i will have to go for a drive about 800 yrds down the road just hope that is not to far away. only over option is to shake them off around...