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    Swarm in hive roofo

    Just noticed bees enter empty hive under roof and it is a swarm if they have started comb building what is the best way to sort them out. If they have brood in the comb could I turn the roof upside down and place a brood box with a roof on top would they move into the brood
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    Anyone want paying for a cut out?

    Cut out What are beekeepers turning out to be. You say you could name your price how disappointing. We read daily of cowboy builders. Travellers ripping old people off and now you comment. "Name your price" is this the next step for fellow beekeepers There must be someone in your local...
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    Swarm query

    Will a queenless swarm draw comb. Or am I having difficulty spotting the Queen
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    Election post boards

    Keep your eye on Election posters.Come Friday after the election they are so useful around the apiary. You can use them to make up a nuc box, they're perfect for running in a swarm and if you're power hosing round the house make a great shield to avoid splashing doors or windows.
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    Overturned Hives

    Having been housebound for 2 weeks I had a quick look at my 2 aparies this afternoon. First one had a hive blown over quickly got it back in place. second apiary had two hive down again was able to put right, bees very calm. Quite an interesting afternoon
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    I have a hive with a small entrance should I still be able to treat without any problems it is not possible to widen entrance or should I transfer bees to another hive
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    Mountains of Mourne honey

    Interested to know how was the honey this especially with this fantastic September. But time to bring them home now was caught out in the past with wet weather
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    Borrowed honey

    After prize distribution
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    Borrowed honey

    At a local show today I entered a class for 2 jars medium honey, but when I called later to view only one jar was on view. Stewards informed me that someone had "borrowed" one of the jars.
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    Frame storage

    what is the best way to store and protect brood frames from wax moths
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    Takeover Wasps

    Just had a bad day, discovered one hive has been blitz .How should I protect the other hives
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    Feeding swarm

    A prime swarm arrived in the past week, they have settled in their new hive, should I feed them
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    Smoker problems

    We experience problems at times with a smoker when the smoker and the bellows keep coming apart despite our best efforts to tighten the nut. I think I have come up with a method to get over this problem by the use of cable ties to stop movement of the legs.
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    Went through my hives to day one queen laying well with sealed brood but the second hive had just handful of bees and a good looking queen. I don't want to lose the queen, advice please
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    Small extractor holds 4 shallows has not been used for many years. Northern Ireland collect will not be hard to deal with, Perfect for a few hives.