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  1. corhob

    Whos not been in yet ?

    Not Yet just had look under the roof and have been watching the Lady's bring pollen back, it looking like Wednesday will be the best day to have a look so I will have to have a day off work that's ,if the weather forecast is correct
  2. corhob

    Dog found swarm

    Biscuit just barked that them i have just walked back over 5 field with the nuc and my bee suit on and i am very warm at the moment just put the nuc in my garden just to check the bees out over the coming weeks before i put them with my other bees. so a trip to the butcher tomorrow for...
  3. corhob

    Dog found swarm

    Walking the dogs this morning across the fields in the rain . one of the dogs found a swarm in a patch of nettles they must have been there all night the bees where on the floor so i went back home , made a Nuc box and went back for the bees . Just been back over this afternoon and all...
  4. corhob

    My first ever swarm

    The second swarm was bigger the branch of the tree was on the floor
  5. corhob

    My first ever swarm

    I was at work today when my wife phone me and said that one of her friends had a swarm in there paddock at the back of there house so left work ( I work for myself ) got home got all the stuff and got my first ever swarm, took it back to my place. it was nearly dinner time so had my dinner...
  6. corhob

    Bees bringing in pollen

    Off Work today so nipped over to the paddock to see if the ladies were out , both hive were out and flying around and bring in yellow pollen . it warms the heart .
  7. corhob

    Opinions - best vehicle for Beeks?

    I use a Ford Ranger Pick up
  8. corhob

    Hi from Stockport

  9. corhob

    how many are not resisting checking hives

    The Girls have been flying on good days and collecting pollen but i have not opened yet. and I have changed the floor the old one needed to be repaired and i have put syrup on last week .
  10. corhob

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Nice Day Girls out and about and bring in Pollen I added a syrup feeder.
  11. corhob

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    The girls flying and brining in pollen! and working on 3 WBC hives that I was given last week
  12. corhob

    taking in pollen .....

    Hi My Girls were coming in and out with Yellow pollen
  13. corhob

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    The girls were out and about all over the heather in my garden
  14. corhob

    Honey bees in a tree

    Hi I do not have to cut any thing off the tree there are no branches to cut off . around the bee nest . The oak is a old tree and we do live in a Conservation area but the tree is out side the area
  15. corhob

    Honey bees in a tree

    Hi Its about 10 ft up the oak tree I have been up and had a look in, the bees did not attack me it on a south facing part of the tree the crack in the oak tree is about 15'' high and 8 '' wide with a old bird at the bottom of the bees nest . Andy