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    Vaporiser & TBH

    Hi ABM Are your top bars running across the hive long side to long side or are they supported on one (right) side by your divider as your drawing would indicate that - I understand if it is just a bad drawing but your "frames"/top bars should look like that from the end. Also my...
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    HMF and making up syrup

    More info about HMF here from about 5min 25secs in Bees Like Sugar Too! National Honey Show youtube. com/watch?v=R86DOPiX-3s(can't post link yet only 6 posts ) She goes on to say it is in Bakers' Foundant etc But not watched it all.
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    Being overwhelmed by my bees / feeling despondent - advice please

    Found an online copy here www dot scribd.com/doc/54926139 slash At-the-Hive-Entrance-H-Storch can't post links yet None of the torrents seem to work - if anybody does have a pdf, as it is not on Guttenberg either, just checked.
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    bees making their own nest at top of hive

    One possiblity is that you have two colonies in the WBC - one in the brood the other got into the roof. Go watch and see where the bees are entering and leaving from, no need to open up. Are there two streams? Or the brood box is not sealed to the space in the lfts and the bees are filling...
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    bees making their own nest at top of hive

    Was the feeder in an eke or super or on top of crown board with roof on or a miller type ? When you look again - look for eggs or larvae or even capped brood in the roof comb, if it is just stores you can shake the bees off and scrape the roof clean and enjoy some honey in comb - probably sugar...
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    bees making their own nest at top of hive

    sorry susbees your post not there when I started - slow typing here -
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    bees making their own nest at top of hive

    Hi - do you have a crown board in place ? If you can't get photos, May help to say what you have in place - such as floor, Brood box, roof and the type of hive and frames with foundation or drawn.
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    Bees Know Best?

    Hi Dr S I'm also trying to move a colony onto P's poly 14x12 frames, since late March, when a friend gave me them in a wood national. 2 Sundays ago on a frame hardly drawn there was a (supercedure) QC middle top of a frame, 3 in from left. nearest fully drawn comb a frame over. This Tuesday...