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    Buying new hives

    You get what you pay for!
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    Queen Marking Cage

    I personally prefer to take the queen away a few yards and carefully mark her using a plunger. Having to mark on the comb is pretty stresful if you have a 100 bees buzzing around you. Tipex? a queen marking paint pen is about the same price and easier to use.
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    Venom in the Eye

    Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me of that allogation, maybe I should have said Bruno..... : ) Wouldn't want anyone to ge the wrong idea.
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    Nosema nuc?

    I agree, i think you should just check them in a few days, I have found on occasions when large scale home maneuvers are made there is a prolific bee poo issue after a day or so it calms down. It really smells though I got some on my hand and i'm sure they were aiming it at me the little bliters.
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    Venom in the Eye

    Hi Has anyone ever had bee venom sprayed in their eye? I had an unfortunate run in with an angry worker saturday that stung me on the nose then all of a sudden my eye felt like it was on fire..... I have heard that bees will spray venom but have never had the misfortune of experiencing it until...
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    Hive insection sheets on PDF

    Thanks sphex
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    Hive insection sheets on PDF

    Why don't you use beetight? You can download the inspection list and print and re upload when you want - simples!
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    Unfortunately you need to think on a larger scale here. To import 4 boxes is not economical or even close to it if you find a supplier that's willing to send you 4 cartons of anything send me their details. That aside, you are basically buying space within a container or numerous containers with...
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    Favourite beekeeping memory???

    Definitely being stung for the first time by a honeybee, wasp stings are so last decade!!!
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    Moving the hive before an inspection.

    What book? I have a number but cannot recall any reference to that method before!
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    Taylor's (or Tailor's?) Cottage Hive

    Fantastic picture : )
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    fondant question..

    All 3 of my hives have only taken about half a kilo patty of fondant each as they pretty much filled a super and half with balsam and ivy honey back end of the season so they're doing ok. If we get a milder day maybe bruise the frames if it's crystalised ivy honey which may encourage them onto...
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    Hi Everyone - new to this and after a few pointers

    Hi Zeus, No better experience than getting your hands dirty and learning on the job. Obviously read a good book Ted is great well worth keeping with you during your first few months. Courses run by local BKA's are a must but mostly over subscribed and possibly half way through by now. The forum...
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    Metal roof cover

    Oops typo, maybe some of us do want to pull thongs apart - each to their own, I meant 'thing' - fat finger syndrome!!!
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    Metal roof cover

    A bit of silicon sealant should do the trick be generous though as you don't want to pull the thong apart in 12 months time. Remember to keep vents clear as no amount of silicon will stop the damp, those bees can really expel moisture during the cold.