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    Which type of honey extractor???

    Which Extractor I have a small, 4 frame, radial SAF extractor which I bought new for £60, about 5 years ago and it's all you'll need with just 3 hives. Problem with hiring from the local BKA is that everyone wants them at the same time. I would advise buying a Nisala they have a good reputation...
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    primorski bees

    I think your on the right track Covenanter. In 1997 the US Bee Research Centre at Baton Rouge launched a project to develop a varroa tolerant bee. They setup an apiary on an island off the coast and imported varroa tolerant bees from Primorski, Eastern Russia. The project was funded by the...
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    Hive Heating!!!

    Sorry for the typo should read VIVARIUM.
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    Hive Heating!!!

    I have used 12W vivacious heater mats in my hives, in winter, for a number of years now and they work well. I have them on the slider below the open mesh floor. They have reduced my winter losses considerably.
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    Do you cover or leave open your crown board holes

    I haven't used conventional crown boards for a very long time now. My cover board is mesh with a bar across for feeding. In the winter I put polystyrene boards over the top. Experience has taught me that bees are better ventilated and I can look in and check them anytime without too much...
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    Hive heating temperatures

    I live in West Wales at 1200ft. Humidity is always high and we have long periods of temperatures below 0'c during winter. For several years after moving here I experienced heavy losses every winter - lovely healthy colonies in Autumn all dead first inspection in Spring; soul destroying. It came...
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    To treat or not for varroa

    As things stand at the moment I think we have to continue treating our bees here in the UK. However, at Baton Rouge in the USA, a project evaluating queens from the Primorsky region of Russian pacific coast has met with some success and queens bred from this source are now being used in some...