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  • Happy Christmas to you too. my bees are ok so far, I hope they overwinter alright.
    Garry my husband has bought me a flat pack hive for my birthday and christmas combined so I want to do an AS in the spring get 2 new queens and fill some honey jars.
    Not yet cazza but I would still like to organise a meet up. To late for me before Christmas and too snowy! I will star another thread and try harder to arrange things. Thanks. Lois
    Hi Hornet
    I think I used Moles Seeds. I sowed it lateish, probably mid to late April.My patch was about the size of a tennis court and was broadcast sown and raked, then left alone. It germinated really well and I clearly sowed it way too thickly but was rewarded with fabulous bee friendly flowers. I've left it to set seed and hopefully grow again next year.
    Hope this helps.
    Cazza (Hornets look and sound terrifying, not looking forward to the Asian menace.)
    A friend found a field strip of phacelia yesterday and said he has never seen so many bees foraging - bumbles, honey, hoverflies. It sounds as if it is exactly what we need up here in Staffordshire where the main nectar source has been Oil Seed Rape for a long time and next to nothing once that has finished. My hives are on a field edge which is set aside by the farmer for wildlife (wheat is the field crop and maize in the adjoining one), neither of which of course are any good to bees. However, I think I can persuade him to grow phacelia as he is subscribed to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and is a naturalist like myself. Can you advise where you got your seed from please. When did you sow it? I see Unwins sell small packets but I would have thought it was also now available in larger quantities if farmers are growing it.
    Hornet (one of my empty hives was taken over by a colony of hornets which I had to clear out yesterday - aren't they big insects!)
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