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    6 weeks old AS has been overrun with wasps....help please!

    Sticking glue boards outside hives is not a good idea :eek:
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    Extracting Bees From a Chimney?

    I remember this case against the pest controller, the guy had treated a feral bees nest in a rotten tree, the guy used bendiocarb which is fine but the problem was he didn't block the access for foraging bees as per regulations, a local beekeepers hives were wiped out! I have removed quite a...
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    Frames for cut out

    Yes I have my own design that was put to good use today doing this..... http://youtu.be/cmsTvps2m48 I was just concerned that people will be out with the triple cyclone turbo hoover:cheers2:
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    Frames for cut out

    A stanadard vacum cleaner (hoover is to powerful, the bees will .... 1. suffocate 2. be damaged when they hit the side unless you have a plan?