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    Wales maybe?
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    Not changed much here has it?

    One final observation; Have you noticed the ones that are most agitated about the demise of o90o and jbm have posts in the multi-thousands? Being 'king pins' on a bee forum is not the be all and end all of things. Time to get a life, lots of other things out there! I'm sure your mummy will let...
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    What is the perfect beehive?

    derekm on here will probably give you chapter and verse!
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    Not changed much here has it?

    Strangely enough, it was pure coincidence! But I notice your straight onto your high horse. Missing your muckers?
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    Not changed much here has it?

    pargyle My amount of posts are irrelevant. My observation was about their arrogance and ignorant attitude. There are lots of posters on this and other fora that are just as knowledgeable and some a damn sight better, without their arrogant sarcasm etc. How long do you think a teacher would...
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    Not changed much here has it?

    Been gone for a while and on return, good news! Jenks and RAB are on an extended holiday hopefully a loooooong holiday:) buzzin
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    As is your view, still, lots of people view both! Patronising as usual.:rolleyes:
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    Noise of electric cars revealed, and it’s not what you would think

    Ah but clapped out tractor drivers can't hear anyone else so are unconcerned!:rolleyes:
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    Machineway corrosion

    Or spraying on some ones larger machinery.;)
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    hive roof

    I would have thought you'd use linoleum!:leaving:
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    what is it?

    Anyone any idea what this is? Approx 50mm long.
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    Moving hives about half a mile

    Must be Welsh then.......or half Scottish, one could say as bad as each other but then maybe not?
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    Black Friday is it really a bargain.

    I didn't know Linconshire was that cold!
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    The Buzz

    Translation required Your right! last time I was in Wales I could not understand their buzzes. It was even harder when they didn't have their own particular buzz so used someone Else's buzz with a bit added on the end to make it sound 'authentic' just to confuse us foreign bees! So a bit of...