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    Seeking Mentor - Yorkshire

    Hi YBH, I'm the Chair of Doncaster BKA. One to One support is very difficult at the moment, as you will understand. This is why we have been holding virtual get together's via zoom, to offer support. When we can meet up again things will change and closer mentorship should be possib;e. in the...
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    Northern Bee Books

    Hi Does anyone have a contact phone number for above. I ordered something from them over a month ago and not heard a thing other than from an American outfit telling me that it’s coming from the UK so will take a weed while. Thing is, I’m in Nottinghamshire. Cheers all Sent from my iPhone...
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    Honey House insiration

    Hi All This winter i am planning to turn my new shed into a honey house. I'm wondering if any of you kind people who may have done something like this already could share your learning experience with me. I'm thinking of things like Lay out Lining / floor covering Sinks/ Work surfaces etc Many...
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    Bee dances

    Hi all I’m doing a talk on bee dances at our local branch in a month or so. I’ve got the book by Tania Munz on Karl Von Frisch and the discovery of the honeybee language , but was looking for something a tad more recent and succinct if possible. Can any of you help. Oh, and a Happy New Year...
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    Heather 2018

    Anyone on the Derbyshire moors? Just wondering the state of play. To go or not to go, that is the question. Our game keeper seems to think it;ll be another week or so before it really gets going. Thoughts... Thanks all
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    Off to the Heather

    Hi All, not been on here for a while, but good to be back! Quick question; For quite a few years I have taken my strongest to the Peak district. I have been advised that where i usually take them currently has about 30 hives, and may have another 20-30 or so by the end of the week. My question...
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    Saying Goodbye to the Bees

    Thanks for such quick replies! I'm more clued up now. Will pop and let them know.
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    Saying Goodbye to the Bees

    Hi All Apologies for not posting for quite a while, but have been caring for family. My father in law has just passed away and was a fellow bee keeper. He was quite a traditionalist and I know he would want me to say goodbye to the bees for him. could anyone on here give me any info on this, or...
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    Looking for bees in south yorkshire

    Hi are you sorted yet? If not I could make up a nuc for you. PM me
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    bees wanted sheffield

    If your not sorted out, pm me. I'm just outside Doncaster if that's any good.
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    Selling my bees

    That,s the point
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    Lincoln Auction

    Just on my way home after watching the first few lots of bees going for around £50. Glad I'm not selling Looks like it's been a mild winter in terms of losses. Just to update on my way past the gate, heard some later ones going for £120 or so.
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    Toby, PM sent
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    Which book next?

    Hooper is the one for me. On presentations: they are not books and we all have our off days.
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    Can a mating flight look like a swarm?

    Me too. Saw them leave, then 1/2 an hour or so later saw them come back. Very releaved I was too!