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    geoffrey hopkinson obe

    I too know Geoff personaly , a true gentleman,teacher and an excellent bee keeper, a well deserved award to reward his lifetimes interest in bees and wildlife, congratulations Geoff
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    why didnt my parsnips grow?

    same method used totaly agree , only i use 1lb honey jars instead of plastic bottles ,always fresh seed and usually Gladiator F1, regards Mark
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    10 nucs needed ASAP

    Hi All, Thank you for your responses, I have got fixed up with the 10 nucs to be collected week after next from a local beek. HOMBRE You are a star mate thank you, Regards Mark
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    10 nucs needed ASAP

    Hi Guys thanks for the replies ,, , I have I admit I have dropped one :blush5: I have 3 sites near to my home all within a 3mile radius, so asking about for a newsite a little further away to expand a little this year ... I have been offered a dream site some 10 miles from home over 1000...
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    10 nucs needed ASAP

    Hi Looking to purchase 10 nucs /colonies within the next few days to start new apiary project ,, I am in south staffs but will travel to collect , Thanks Mark:bigear:
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Hi RAB Me personly , I will do what needs doing with my bees when I feel the need to and the time is right from experience, however I ask the question as many newer members with little experience when is the time? you cannot gain experience or learn anything from an answer like "NO" so all I...
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    5K, congratulations Mark

    :iagree: Well Done !!! UP the forum!!!!
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    When o when can we mess about with the bees Poly? its been a long cold winter and along time since last messing , i am sure many beeks want 2 get going Mark...
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    got stung today and hand is now swollen.

    hi, stings to the face /neck area are worse with me as swelling seems more profound a sting on the hand that swells is not life threatening unless anafolactic shocck occurs(you know what i mean if its spelled different ) but a sting on the neck can swell and cause problems breathing , if i get...
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    hive plus three roofs stolen staffordshire

    Quickupdate Remaining 5 colonies now moved and settled in at more secure site, police informed no response as yet , Aipiary site vacant if anyone interested, where bees found 200 yds from a pikey site ( not implying they had anything to do with theft ) but.... anyway be aware chaps it...
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    plywood hives

    I was looking at two ply hives purchased last year from FP , very poor quality shuttering ply construction, I do use ply hives myself but make my own from higher quality ply and they are ok but cedar outshines asthe best choice
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    hive plus three roofs stolen staffordshire

    Hi all A very good friend of mine has had one complete hive and three hive roofs pinched over the weekend, the initial thinking that the roofs were pinched for scrap , The complete hive contents (frames and bees ) were found on Monday by myself discarded in the middle of a country lane , about...
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    Roof Metal

    I have used these this year very good service and the price is right!! Regards Mark