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    Hive entrances. In or out

    Entrance blocks only used during Autumn for wasps or robbing activities. All other times full width entrance.
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    WBC Lifts floor and roof wanted

    Thanks Sorted out now. And no it wasn't to be used for a cheap way into beekeeping. It was for an ornamental display where someone I know is planting a bee friendly garden from scratch and the WBC was to enhance the appearance. Has decided to go for the one sold by Thornes. Peter
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    WBC Lifts floor and roof wanted

    Hi Has anybody got the outer wbc lifts etc. Someone I know wants a couple as ornaments in their garden. Cheshire area. Thanks
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    Overwintering on brood and a half

    I use nationals and overwinter on brood and half, sometimes with a super over (QE removed). Make sure they are treated, have sufficient stores and are strong with good young, healthy Winter bees. I dribble oxalic in the depths of Winter. Peter
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    beevital hive clean

    I use it in the early Spring before any flow. It makes me feel better, I'm not sure about the bees? Also use autumn Apiguard and mid-winter oxalic. My routine for the last 5 years and bees seem to do well for me. No losses over that time due to varroa or effects of varroa (average of 30...
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    The Weather

    "compared to what? .. if the inside of the hive around the bees is below 20C, yes ,but if above 20C no" I'll change that to "just what MY bees ordered", in wooden non insulated nationals with mesh flooors. And thanks for the unnecessary head banger by the way.
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    The Weather

    Some good cold weather at last. Just what the bees ordered at this time of the year. Less stores being consumed.
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    honey price

    Well done Cris. I have a regular customer who takes all of my excess and then re-distributes. Simple and easy. Peter
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    honey price

    £2 a lb in 30lb tubs. That's what I sell for whether OSR or floral and it always sells. Some like rape honey and others don't. Someone this year had some for mead making and said it was better than floral for that purpose. I'm not that knowledgeable to know whether this is correct or not. Peter
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    Ivy Flow

    That wonderful smell of pollen going into the hives all pervading the apiary as I approached today. Sat and watched as almost every bee returning had a full load of yellow pollen. Mine have never suffered any problems consuming the stores they put in at this time of the year. Listen but don't...
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    Three Dead Colonies

    Just because there's no E&B and you can't see the queen doesn't mean there is no queen! Peter
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    How much are you charging?

    Mine goes to shops at £3.25 a lb. This gives the shops a chance to make a reasonable margin but is still affordable for the public. Quality, presentation and reliability of supply is really important! Peter
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    How Much honey did you get this year?

    Did well with the OSR but very poor with multifloral. Apiguard treatment one week to go at one site, two weeks to go at other site. No need to feed at all and, hopefully, a lot of clean Winter bees with the queens getting back into full lay after treatment. Get them into Winter strong with...
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    Honey price

    Around here jarred £3.25-£3.50 a lb to shops. £2 a lb in buckets. I gave up selling direct. Too much time spent.
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    Feed hole. To cover or not?

    I have always left the holes open in my cover boards whether on OMF or solid, and I do have both from inherited equipment. Also never insulated in any shape or form and always used wood. The bees do just fine. Maybe I'd get more bees earlier or more honey (not this year though!) if I changed but...