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    Do you need to carry a epipen.

    I think I have been struck down with dylsexia in my declining years. Just read the heading of this thread as "Do you need to carry a pigeon ?"
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    I just wanted to say

    Happy Birthday from the depths of Sherwood Forest. :party: :party-smiley-050: :cheers2:
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    It's mild up here too. Plenty of (yellow/orange) pollen gathering going on. There are still plenty of native species in flower - daisy, dandelion, bramble, white nettle, ragwort so guess it's not only the bees that don't believe it is yet winter. Still some H Balsam at edges of forest too...
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    An appalling criminal act

    A wasps nest would be better. They can sting and sting again without dying.:reddevil:
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    Advice on bait hive needed

    Not a bad comparison. Some beekeepers used to "talk" the bees in. A few still do. Much underated practice but not one in this day and age that it is recommended you admit to unless you want those who do not believe to make fun of you.
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    An appalling criminal act

    The police investigation will probably be centred on the criminal damage to property (9 hives destroyed with a value of £3500) and taking of a vehicle without owners consent. The type of livestock involved shouldn't really come into it.
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    Dog and bees

    I would block the hive off from the dog especially as he's large and lively - no point getting the hive knocked over. One of my dogs had to be rushed to the vet as an emergency after getting stung. He collapsed and went into shock. The dog is black but he wasn't attacked by bees indeed they...
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    Winter Configuration

    Without wishing to put a spanner in the works the reason the National options are winning is perhaps directly connected to the number of forum members who have National hives.
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    Interesting crackling sound from hive

    I haven't heard that crackling sound but heard on warm days early afternoon a sound like bubbles in boiling jam popping.
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    Honeymead at Newmarket

    I follow Godolphin's Buzzword for the name.
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    3 Word Story

    the most distant
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    Msleading e-bay item

    Umm. Telephone parents? Use tape measure ? Phone him back with dimensions ? Simples ......
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    Seriously Angry Bees

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    neighbours stings

    :iagree: Must be a case of mistaken identity.
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    3 Word Story

    if it is