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    devils spawn revisited

    thank you all for your advise managed to split this hive into two,hive and a nuc.I was not able to do this at a reasonable hour of the day due to work and and attending to my mum and dad but I think it may be sorted now, squished old queen introduced new one and also to nuc,surprised how number...
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    devils spawn revisited

    Was wearing suit from friend lost confidence in my one as bee ended up in suit on previous inspection and got stung on friend is a little shorter than me and had to tape bottom of legs to boots to stop it riding up.will have another go weekend.
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    devils spawn revisited

    Went to inspect the hive I have in works garden after work tonight with the intention of taking off supers and splitting this hive into two nucs,so set about removing two of the supers which I used beequick to do, there were two more supers on one which was not capped and one they were drawing...
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    what to do with devils spawn

    very funny hivemaker:icon_204-2: i meant strain.
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    what to do with devils spawn

    what would be a nice gentle stain to go for.
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    what to do with devils spawn

    Hi, everyone I have one very aggressive colony at my works garden.they are collecting honey very well and have been filling a super a week. But they are very aggressive once you open the hive,bees flying straight to your face pinging off the veil and following for 25 meters and not giving up the...
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    Japanese Knotweed

    got lots of this knotweed at work where i keep a hive and they are all over it.have read bees get nectar from the for what it is like i don't know.nor do i know what any of the honey my bees collect tastes like,:drool5:another bad year may get a couple of jars, roll on next year.
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    Free E book on Amazon

    someone on the forum had link to a free book on plants that a beneficial to honey bees.but can't find where it was from my browser history anyone point me in right direction.
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    bees trees and plants.

    hi all, can anyone recommend any books on trees and plants that are beneficial to honey bees, preferably new print with good colour photos.
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    Lost our bees.

    by my way of thinking you either have prime swarm which would have a mated Queen or a cast which would have a virgin need to be grafting in Queen cells. give them some tine to settle in then see whats happening.
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    Lost our bees.

    good to have you back ,I have missed reading your posts.
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    Got lucky or the start of things to come

    nearly got caught out myself.went to check on my hives on Friday only to be greeted by at least 8 Queen cells some sealed a couple open, thought they had enough to be getting on with in regards to the two supers I had left them.knocked down the sealed ones left the 2 open ones. managed to find...
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    Best way to add colonies?

    almost perfect spelling on that F word Fiman but i fear you may of dropped the g from the end of the word.
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    National 14 x 12 Hive plans etc

    stick around shirley turns up quite often.
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    Hi tec smoker

    he use to get 48 to the gallon(miles that is not hives smoked).a great tail of woe from last year.