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    Fed up with getting stung!

    I have one of my hives in my back garden with what are normally the nicest bees in the world. In the last few weeks they have turned into hitlers bees! They chase me around the garden for fun. Whilst inspecting yesterday they found a hole in my suite's armpit and I was stung four times before...
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    Top Bar Mesh Gauge

    I quite recently built a TBH. I ignored all the wisdom and put windows in it and built it square not angled. For a feeder I drilled through the side and attached a permanent feeder on the outside. I did put mesh on the floor with a slide out board underneath for mite recording and the such. I...
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    new breed of queens? lol

    Must be a young queen. Still got that newly hatched hairy look
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    cell size and varroa

    Your particular knowledge was at least 85% of the reason I decided the idea was a dead end. Im very grateful
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    Black Bee, AMM, German Bee

    Does anyone have a mated black queen available for a reasonable price?
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    Wow, price of sugar.

    Saw sugar at 67p - Kilo in B&M bargains last week
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    cell size and varroa

    I know im a miserable so & so but these threads always go off on a tangent when people start throwing their opinions about. Doesnt seem to be much support for the cell size idea. Dont think I will bother
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    cell size and varroa

    Just read an interesting article on cell size and varroa control. Anyone have any knowledge of this? I use the word 'knowledge', im not interested in opinions.
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    What to do about Nosema?

    I want to thank hivemaker for his excellent recipe. Im putting it into action straight away
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    Garden Bee Shots

    :iagree: I could look at shots like those all day
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    Varroa resistant Russian Bee

    What have you quoted BBG? Do not mess around with what I say then put it on as a quote. Quote what I said correctly or dont quote me at all!!
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    Varroa resistant Russian Bee

    Yes they are two different strains. Caucasian came from eastern Europe whereas the russian bee comes from right over on the eastern side of Russia where the Varroa orginated. This link gives some details about the differences...
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    Varroa resistant Russian Bee

    I would love a colony of africanised bees. I wouldnt worry about my hives getting stolen so much with a box of those brawlers on guard
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    Varroa resistant Russian Bee

    Is it not that the more aggressive the bee the better it deals with Varroa?
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    icing sugar dusting

    For something to be sold as organic it has to abide by strict rules. Organic these days is different to the days when organic just meant you bought your spuds with soil still on. The point I was aiming at was that if you sold your honey as organic then using apilife Var wouldnt affect your...