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    Heather move pics uploaded

    The word was "Unconfirmed" As in 'suspected' 'heads up' etc with clarification on 'confirmed' information, And it did lead to a witch hunt of the original poster. Yes, extremely unsavoury. Itld: "Alerting others in the area when you find it helps them get an early handle on what might be...
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    Heather move pics uploaded

    Rumour? Fact : there were 26 colonies destroyed and more found the following month. Making people aware there could be a problem is to be welcomed. ITLD Transparency - yes, if only - some day. People should not think there is a stigma, as said it can happen to anyone.
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    Heather move pics uploaded

    Good to know you appreciated the "heads up" and the man doing that wasn't lambasted and pilloried like BBG was when he did it on here causing DanBee and Hallshoney for two, to behave poorly and open threats made on this forum without hindrance. Personal interest versus Bees' interest, not hard...
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    Easely developing nuc

    Thanks for the information Finman We now mostly cover OMF until they build up to a strong colony
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    My bees put me in hospital

    She may need to rethink that part - they're going to inject you with adrenaline so keeping you calm and immobile is the opposite to the treatment?? :cool:
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    Dogmatic advice.

    Quote: "Originally Posted by Poly Hive It's very pleasant and how it used to be. Long may it last. PH" Yes, how memories change history: Off to bed now, up at 4 so carry on dreaming. :)
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    Thymol crystals sugar surup recipe ?

    Buy Ambrosia and give them some good stuff. Get together with some other beekeepers or you local association and buy bulk. Ambrosia doesn't ferment. Much simpler and the bees will thank you for it. Sugar syrup is old hat!
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    Cream of Tartar

    This any help from our very own - Rosti:
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    Emptying honey out of extractor

    Back leg on a 2/3" block and use the red one (or any you fancy) on this page: Takes a few minutes. :cool:
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    Is this/am I normal?

    No, that's cwch! Beanwood I use Tea Tree oil to dab on the sting immediately - stops it v quickly and an antihistamine if i really itches. Only taken one this season though and had a few stings. Tea Tree seems to stop the swelling - I always carry it in my top pocket.
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    Queenless fo 5 weeks or so

    Thanks, take it three days old for the larvae means three days after they turned into larvae?
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    Queenless fo 5 weeks or so

    They are 'hostile' - watch you and fly up at your hand if you move too quickly across the hive. No stings though, just land on your hand and 'get up on their toes'. They hardly follow any distance now. The amount of drones in one is spooky. :eek: yet they have piled the supers?
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    Queenless fo 5 weeks or so

    Hi I have two hives who have had a Queen, Queen disappeared, refused to lay and one has a Queen with a deformed wing, that has also now disappeared. I am thinking to unite them with two hives that have come from a nucleus. One of the Queenless ones has a huge population and an awful lot of...
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    P*y**s Poly Nationals

    Come to think about it, I think I had dismissed them because they looked a bit flimsy. That seems to have been borne out by Polyhive's unfortunate experience. Thanks for the pointer! :)
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    P*y**s Poly Nationals

    Hi, as a matter of interest, where did everybody see the advertisements for these poly Nationals please.:)