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    Hi Snoop, Yes, the 2 outsides of the top box were just started. Some sections were only partially filled and capped or left untouched. As we keep our Buckfast bees in poly Langstroth brood boxes too I would be interested in some more details about your double section crate. After last years...
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    Hi bontbee, Yes, I did. At the start of the main honey flow in the summer of 1992, when we were still only beginners, but such with the intention of producing honey for sale, we proceeded (not 100% exactly) according to the information taken from Killion's book: One of our strongest colonies on...
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    ISBN 0-915698-08-0 Honey in the Comb - by Eugene E. Killion, - Dadant & Sons, Hamilton, Illinois 1981, 142p. (FIBKA Library: Order number 71) Regards Reiner
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    What frames have mid-frame self-spacers?

    Hi Samuel, Frames with that type of spacing are still available in Germany - for "Kuntzsch", "Zander" and "Deutsch Normal" hives. Regards Reiner
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    Making your own foundation

    Dutch DIY Watercooled Kunstraatpers watergekoeld - YouTube
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    I remember something like "one-way split vs. three-way split"...? Regards Reiner
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    Bee Houses/Sheds

    Hi Norfolk, This 'Bienenhaus' will get a second row of six hives on top of the existing in 2014. pictures: Regards Reiner
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    Re-housing wild colony now

    Kingspan BUILDING materials group Kingspan has reported 13pc growth in sales to the nine months ended September to €1.32m compared with last year. The company said the boost came as the firm saw...
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    Tell me more about the Buckfast bee

    We keep a sheet of strong clear plastic on top of the frames and allow the bees 5 sec to get used to the light after roof and solid cover have been removed. When the plastic has been pealed back you will see some bees between the frames still look at you and then dive down to keep the brood...
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    Tell me more about the Buckfast bee

    Above poster x Buckfast = unteachable and incorrigible...!
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    to insulate or not to insulate

    Absolutely no additional insulation Here's why: Distribution of temperature within beehive at an outer temperature of -4C All our colonies are kept in Langstroth Polystyrene hives of a particularly high density (made in Germany) because: They are extremely lightweight They offer a cleaner...
  12. Temperature:  -4 C Outside

    Temperature: -4 C Outside

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    to insulate or not to insulate

    xyz, sorry! ;'#:@~,./<>?, pressed 'submit' incidentally....!
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    Has anyone tried this?

    Thank's a million!
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    Has anyone tried this?

    That's how I understood you first post - The tar.board left permanently over the season in front of a hive to act as a swarm catcher! The author of that book must have amputated the wings of the queen completely, if he ever had success with that method. A wing clipped around 30% on one side...