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    Nucleus Beekeeping

    Because of old age and ill health I am in the process of switching from full size Nationals to nucleus hives. Even these are quite heavy for me although the supers are just about manageable. Does anyone use only nucs? I am only going to keep 2 or 3 colonies in my garden.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Big Mistake. Sunday 15th May found three sealed Q.cells. Took two frames out with Q and left the three Q.cells. Today 25th May swarm issued from original hive just as I was going to relax with a coffee. Hosepipe out and fine spray sent them into our plum tree. An hour later they are sitting in...
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    Sugar Prices

    I paid 39p yesterday at Lidl's. I don't know whether to stock up for next year at that price.
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    Which estate car?

    Which Estate Car. Hi, Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I am torn between the Mercedes Sports with trailer or a Freelander. Both will be a bit thirsty. I believe I have a few months before I have to make a decision. Thanks again.
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    Which estate car?

    Hi, Thinking I may need to change my vehicle next year. Most manufacturers give the cubic capacity of the boot but not the dimensions.I would like to be able to put two nationals side by side and maybe get four in. What estate model do you recommend? Priced under £6000. Age of vehicle not too...
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    Bee Bearding.

    Have you seen the photo of the Chinese bee bearder. Mail Online today. Worth a look.
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    Problem with elephants?

    Just been listening to the radio. I see that in Kenya bee hives placed around the perimeter of farms have deterred elephants from entering and causing damage. I wondered why I'd not seen any on my allotement!
  9. Nucs showing the joining tube.

    Nucs showing the joining tube.

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    Well it's lovely to be back....

    Hi, I'm always pleased to see the market stalls with bee products in France. They must put a lot of effort in. Usually honey, pollen, royal jelly and lots of wax products. I expect if they are full time beekeepers they need to capitalize on what they've got.
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    22mm Entrance

    Busy making some 5 frame nuc boxes. I have read somewhere that a 22mm diameter hole underneath the nuc is the way to go. This deters robbing and wasps. I know some of the small mating nuc have this arrangement but do you think it is a good idea for a larger colony or even a full size colony?
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    Comment by 'Beechcomber' in media 'Starter lid made to go on nuc on half a National brood box, made today, not tested yet. Wonder if it could be left in place once cells are started, he'

    Hi kazmcc. They are to put the cell cups in, cork out, cell cup in. or cell cup out, cork in. Enables one to examine the cell cups without disturbing the colony too much. The less I have to battle with a queenless colony the better! With the starter box some of the bees would return to their...