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    Trading standards

    now Im off lunch as well!!:)
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    Trading standards

    now you have put me off my breakfast, bananas with cornflakes, !
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    Thinking about starting, need advice.

    welcome to the forum Titch and Susan, I am going to disagree with what Susan said in an earlier post, "dont depend on anyone" , more experienced beekeepers will be a lifesaver in a crisis (or what you think is a crisis situation ) they will be able to soothe your brow and be your best friend...
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    Is possible to be cruel to Honey Bees

    If a bee stings me and looses its abdomen is it cruel to put your foot on it deliberately to kill it, or should one just leave it to die naturally, a moral dilema as I dont like to kill anything if I can help it,
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    bees wax uses medical and balms

    thanks for this, I might do a print out and try some :)
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    Sloe gin recipes...

    I too make sloe gin but I prick the skins by putting in a bowl and hitting them with a stiff wire brush , so much easier
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    First frost this morning

    no frost this way, just lovely bright sunny days, aren,t we lucky!
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    Badger protection

    would they also dig up bees nesting in the ground? over the last few days we have had a badger dig looads of holes in the garden , disrupting rocks etc maybe this explains it
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    Idea for new subforum

    I would personally research the site myself , this is better for me and better for my bees as I can assess everything in my criteria, eg good forage, safety etc, usually if you ask in the vicinity someone will point you in the right direction it is usually word of mouth or by asking in your...
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    is bbka membership worth £25

    dont think you have any worries admin, we like it here!:)
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    If you could have a wish list

    a pad and pen , so I can write a list for all I plan to do for early next year to have healthy happy productive bees . ::)
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    Advertising on the forum

    I agree that blatant advertising that this forum does not allow, should be stopped. I do not like it when people join the forum just to peddle their wares knowing a captive audience may be looking, this should not be confused with someone saying I need help I need ...so and so, where someone on...
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    New bee?

    good news it has obviously survived without intervention lets hope it stays for the next 65 years
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    Honey Show

    well done, it will encourage you to enter again next year too:)