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    I've not seen an increase in my part of Derbyshire (at least not yet anyway). Apparently humans can eat myxy rabbits but I certainly don't fancy it!
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    Thug kills bees

    There really is some g*ts about :mad:
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    Thanks for the replies, the poll has helped and I shall be running with the masses and ordering a copy of Ted Hoopers book. I'm in Denby Village so the Derby BKA will be my closest association. Skyhook, you say that TBH's are a bit non-standard and that a mentor may be unfamiliar or disapprove...
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    Thanks, I had'nt considered top bar hives, I shall do some research, Cheers
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    Hi all, I'm Leigh from sunny Derbyshire and i'm looking to start keeping bees later this year. I was interested in recommendations for books to read and what the best type of hide to start with is (I was looking at a national hide as these appear the cheapest)? Many thanks Leigh