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    DIY Entrance Block

    I very much doubt that they will be carniolans. One of their notable characteristics is that they have a much lower propensity for propolising everything in sight than do other types. If there are carniolan characteristics in them they are in all probablitiy crosses. Regards BD
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    when to feed

    Depends on the type of feeder your going to use. BD
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    when to feed

    Interesting information Finman. I must try to locate one for my area. It would be interesting for comparison.
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    when to feed

    A perfect example of the issues being discussed and in many senses why beekeepers in Cumbria are having a problem.......the raspberries which should/would have provided a good reliable source of forage didnt. I suspect that the same situation applies to many other forage types. Like you Finman...
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    when to feed

    As a general principle I would wholly agree with this point. I'm not so sure that this applies here in Cumbria although I'm unaware of any reliable stats to substantiate this. I'm inclined to think that given the low population density for the county I would imagine that overpopulation would not...
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    when to feed

    And with you too :)
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    when to feed

    I am not quite sure what you are trying to say here Finman. Could you explain further? Regards BD
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    when to feed

    Gavin has hit the nail on the head here Finman. What Mel is actually describing is a situation here in Cumbria where a significant number of colonies have been found to contain significantly less stores than what would be expected for this time of the year. Indeed this has been identified as a...
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    when to feed

    Hi, This is a problem occurring throughout Cumbria at the moment. The bottom line is if your bees are very short of stores to the point where there is a serious concern for their welfare (i.e. close to starvation) then feed them and keep feeding them. Up here you have until approx the third week...
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    tree/flower identification please

    I agree. Regards BD
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    2010 Nucs for Sale - Cumbria

    Hi Chris, Apologies for the delay in reply. Completely missed your post. Unfortunately I've sold all my nucs for this season. Hope you have found a suitable alternative. Regards BD
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    Queen piping...

    Totally agree Floss I think the stethoscope should be on the list of essential equipment. I use mine everyday on each of my hives. As you say there's a wealth of information you get from listening to whats going on inside. Fascinating stuff!
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    Commercial v's Hobby

    Some time ago I came across a book which deals exclusively with being able to determine what is going on inside a colony by looking at what's happening at the entrance. At The Hive Entrance by H.Storch is welll worth the read and has certainly expanded my understanding having read it. Thoroughly...
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    Poly Lang hive

    Hi Grizzly, Funny you asked that: when I was using wooden boxe,s lets just say I didn't need to go to a gym for a workout :) They are very heavy. It's another reason I switched to poly to reduce the weight. I also enticed the help of a mate or two!!. I only moved across to poly late last season...
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    Poly Lang hive

    I went over to poly's last season and use full depth boxes throughout for exactly the same reasons given by Onge, particularly the flexibility. I have been toying with the idea of using jumbo boxes for the bottom bc as a comparison but doing that rather defeats the consistency issue. May give it...