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    Any extractors for 14x12?

    I use an 8 frame radial giordan which came with screens that will cope wtih 14x12 tangential extraction. I bought from clive at agrinova and found him very user friendly - search the forum for "agrinova" to see what others think of him.
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    help bees building under hive.

    We had exactly the same thing last week. Eggs (but not lavae), honey and pollen in four or five combs. We put the bees back in the bb above, on a new floor. There were no eggs in that bb and our queens are clipped so I wondered if it was a failed swarm with a q that crawled back up under the...
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    Which book next?

    Have you seen this poll? "At the hive entrance" is an excellent book, which doesn't seem to have made it onto the poll.
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    Too late for third super?

    If you have OSR round you, then you might consider removing them sooner rather than later. I'm not well travelled enough to know if there's OSR in Devon, so apologies if this is a non-issue.
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    Choosing an extractor

    :iagree: We bought an 8 frame Giordan radial extractor from Clive at Agrinova ( and have been really pleased with it. It costs more, but I wouldn't go back to a tangential extractor now. We got a manual one, to save money, but after 6 hours of cranking the...
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    How much OSR and from how many hives?

    We took 150 lbs from 11 supers off 5 hives 10 days ago - but a lot had crystalised in the comb, so I would guess that we wet and fed back about 50 lbs in the comb. We cleared these supers with rhombus clearers over night. We took a further 96 lbs from 6 supers off 5 other hives on Sunday...
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    My very first lot of honey :-)

    There's nothing like your first honey! In our first year we got half a jar, which we used to show to people (but not eat - we didn't have enough for that kind of luxury!), so you've done much better than we did. Yours looks like the load we extracted last weekend, which looked like the load...
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    Ginger Beer Plant

    I think that in a traditional ginger beer plant the liquor in the plant is alcoholic, but then you dilute it dramatically before bottling. You can also make quick "fridge" ginger beer in plastic bottles. In this case you only let it ferment for about 12-24 hours (so little time for alcohol...
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    honey warmer thermostat which one?

    Yup - this controller allows you to set a threshhold range below a target temperature - only in single digit degrees C (e.g. 1, 2, 3, or 4 deg C). Yes, that's the rating on mine - I worried about the PCB tracks leading to the relay, so I've put a 3amp fuse in the plug that powers both the...
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    honey warmer thermostat which one?

    and if you search for "STC-1000" (the model number of this device) you'll see discussion about how to hook it up to various loads.
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    honey warmer thermostat which one?

    I used one like this: (the vendor is nothing to do with me, and if you search for "temperature controller"...
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    Confession and advice

    It's like instant smoke in a spray-can: (I'm nothing to do with this supplier, and you can get it other places too)
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    Leather gloves?

    This is exactly where I have ended up, with nitriles over leather. You can change the nitriles between apiaries for hygiene and it on the (hopefully rare) occasions you get stung on the glove it means that the gloves don't continue to attract stings.
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Went in to the workshop to get something, lots of loud buzzing, turned round to see this. I only had a (useless) phone with me, but apparently some bumble bees don't mate on the wing (they appear to prefer a the handle of a 40 year old wire fence strainer). I thought that the male was dead -...
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    Requeening an Agressive Hive

    When we had a problem colony and needed to do anything that was going to take any time, we would wait until a day when the bees were flying, then put a stand and floor a few yards away from the problem hive and move the problem brood box onto the new stand and floor. We would then put a spare...