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    How long before spring

    Aye thats Charlock, my rape looks exactly the same. I just had a walk through it today I'm not doing anything about it as its only a small amount and this early it will shed the seed well before the rape.
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    Extractor sale

    I have 2, 20 framers they run fine but my only issue is that the motors not really strong enough so when/if they let go I will replace them with a bigger ones. Ab
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    extractor modification...

    I have 2 Abelo 20 framers, they run fine and are well built. no rusting after 3 years use but I'm a clean freak with our extraction room and euipment. The only issue with them is the motor is a little weak but if they give way I will replace with a bigger one. All the best. AB
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    At least I caught them...but what to do now?

    Helen how big was the swarm? if it came from the A/S you made then [email protected] sure it can't be very big. If it came from the A/S then surely shes laid eggs recently but if you've got more than 1 cell in the other hive you could move 1 over then as SWARm say just sit and watch for the new queens. I'm...
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    What to do after a swarm

    That depends on how big the swarm was. Did you hive them on foundation? if so then give the 48 hours or so then feed some light syrup to get them going, they should build up fairly fast, then treat them as any other colony. Swarms do generally have a lot of momentum to get going . AB
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Ha HA Terry that tickled me. Just relax a bit your bees will be fine I'm sure.
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    At what rate are supers going on

    nearly everything has supers not many have 2 but one hive has filled 2 and is on its 3rd but i don't think it will have much going in this week
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    June gap

    supers on but many filling apart from from some buckfast in one colony which has filled 2 so far and just onto the 3rd
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    DLQ how long can hive remain queenless

    If there is no uncapped brood then there is a chance of laying workers so you would want to add open young brood if you want to mess about going down that route. AB
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    June gap

    Not a May gap because there is plenty to forage just not the ideal conditions for foraging. AB
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    DLQ how long can hive remain queenless

    :iagree: Combine. It's really not nessasary to have a queenless hive when you have other hives that you could combine it with. ab
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    June gap

    Didn't really have a June gap last year so I dout we will have one this year especially as the winter rape is so behind, some fields are still not showing signs of flowering. AB
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    Large dummy boards - Ben Harper Method

    I just use spare frame feeders bunched together just because it's one less piece of equipment to have lying around. AB
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    Replacing Brood Comb

    At only a year old I'd not bother this year but as this season goes on if its the hoffmans you want out I'd migrate them to the outer sides and move them out next spring.
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    Ten seams of bee's. What next ?

    I just covered my lap top with tea. That's bloody funny. AB