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    Donations: Heads up Admin

    wow!! i say again wow!! a reasonable discussion on a forum about money, resolved with no :boxing_smiley: and more than a little :cheers2: pats on backs all round.... now if i can just get the kids to do the same.....
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    News from DEFRA

    and Vince Cable warned about the economy spinning out of control several years ago. would that be the libdems becoming almost electable......?
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    langstroth woodenware

    yup i have been busy building, i'm going to get my bees end of march early april so all prep is done.....i think 3 full langstroths built and 1 national....wont bother making another national way too much hassle i have a vast oversupply of frames both langstroth and national...i blame beefever...
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    No skeps in the USA

    the devilish smuggling schemes of the british beekeeper :)
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    Any builders (roofers) on the forum

    good luck jim;) i have done a fair bit of building but not as a pro. You should be ok with the roof, but its always worth getting some advice first. Are you looking to add an apex roof up to the level of the existing roof? would this entail a rise of over 2.4m? BUY A ROOFING SQUARE...bloody...
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    there are several ways to grow horseradish, but ive had most success with a large deep tub. i too rotavated it into my previous allotment, note "previous" allotment;) it is a terrible weed and can go on for season after season. for eating, it is delicious creamed with a little vinegar then...
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