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    BB** news ventilation article in september 2013 issue

    Hi All, This is my first proper post, but I do look in almost every day and have learn t so much from reading all the different answers to some of the questions:hairpull: But did think that I had just about grasped the top ventilation = closed, bottom ventilation = open, unless checking for...
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    Advice please

    Why not use the rain to your advantage, take an umbrella and do the inspection while the robbers are not flying?
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    Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects open day, Sussex

    Yes , My good lady and I went, and had a really good afternoon, met some very nice people and enjoyed it, plus learn t a few things, the tea and cakes were good as well.
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    Ham Radio and Bee Keepers

    Hi all there is a free trial virtual ham radio that looked good at http://www.hamsphere.com/ its 30 euros after the trial per year, you get your own call sign or maybe you can register your own ? Did not get that involved at the time of looking. Was on ssb on a Superstar 360 with switchable...
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    Preying Mantis eating my bees.

    and me
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    Help wanted to Download video from Youtube

    Keith, PM sent
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    Wasp Bane traps

    :iagree: Thanks
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    ben pullan

    :party: All the best Ben, make the most of whatever you do, and good luck
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    Phase contrast in action.

    Bcrazy, Thank you for posting the pictures and all the other posts that you do, I find them very informative, and must say that I always look at them, but as a newbee do not understand what I am looking at first time round, so tend to go back and have another read, please keep them coming as...
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    Car Cleaning.

    Dishmop, maybe the car was due for a wash, what is the big show they put on, some exsamples? You maybe being over sensertive.
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    Took the leap and bought an extractor...yippee!!

    Well done Queens59, I am pleased for you, Radial seems best, from what I can work out from reading the posts so it should be fine, you may need to get some of the local keep fit club to come and turn the handle LOL! Good luck and let us know how it goes. Tony
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    OA treatment - when?

    Chris, Are you saying that you do not treat for Verroa, or just don't use O A? If not treating, what sort of mite count are you getting or do you not check? as It seems, you may have found the answer that all are looking for. Tony
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    Video lecture about risk profile of neonicotinoid insecticides

    Klaus, Thank you for taking the time to get the translation done, Cheers arl
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    Oxalic....it's official!

    NO , Please don't , I have only just recovered. :beatdeadhorse5:
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    Beekeeping Videos

    All worked ok on my old dell, running Firefox, and Avast Anti virus free edition,???