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    Welsh mead from 78-1200AD?

    History has it that on a raid to steal pretty women* the local populace got the Viking invaders so drunk on Cyser that all the raiders drownd trying to get back to their longship. Thor in all his fury at the Vikings stupidity turned the craft into stone... and today has a lighthouse upon it as...
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    Beeks not in Associations

    Most beekeepers will ( fortunately) never see AFB in a lifetime . However the preference for whole apiary shook swarm on NBU advice for EFB has been taken on board by the BDI and they will cover ALL the colonies... according to our RBI? I wonder how long that will be retained when some...
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    Paynes poly nuc - how to fill the feeder when full of bees

    May sound superfluous... but a tank cutter of correct size is the best tool to use to make a hole in the Paynes clear crownboard! Chons da
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    BS Honey Bees New Poly Hive - Best in Class?

    Would make an interesting tower! However we used the Paynes double brood extensions last season to great success. Over wintered a few which will be ready to rock and roll up to single brood boxes this season... will have a head start! May be too early, but making up 1:1 stimulated feed for the...
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    BS Honey Bees New Poly Hive - Best in Class?

    Will BS be producing the METAL slider divider to replace the Correx abomination for the double nuc.? Better than the metal runners to carry the frames which would be a pain to remove to clean ( may be wrong presentation skipped over this) are the removeable L shaped plastic runners as used by...
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    BS Honey Bees New Poly Hive - Best in Class?

    I have tried and tested various "double" hives over the years, possibly the BS split nuc has it place ( Have a dozen of them) and also the Abelo original double mating nucs... which have the "hard plastic" mating surfaces, which works...... but they are nucs, specifically designed for...
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    Did have an Ol brock have go at a polly...... Fence them well in with a foot or so buried... put the hives on sturdy stands and strap them down well Chons da
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    hole punch for queen excluder

    I am sure I have some clear plastic queen excluders.... but by the time they have been on the colony for a few weeks are not exactly see through.... some years old so could have been purchased from Park Beekeeping in Blackheath?????# Have a phone around Chons da
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    Varroa treatment of swarms

    Long discussion on similar problem on taking bees to an area that was presumed to be free of Varroa. Considered opinion was to shook swarm bees onto fresh foundation and then give 3 OA vaporisations. My suggestion was to initially check all of the colonies in the area ( not that many) with an...
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    Oxalic with supers on.

    Remember the old adage the bees succeeded DESPITE the actions of the beekeeper. That is one fact that can not be disputed.... however NOT treating for Varroa can lead to a disaster..... as so many have found. To smugly sit back and dismiss solutions to the problem is not of any help. The...
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    Oxalic with supers on.

    Exceedingly disingenuous to mock me like that if you had the wit to look up the use of rhubarb in beekeeping and had the nouse to test it for yourself as I indeed have you would find it does indeed reduce varroa down to acceptable levels and can be use when supering off for honey. Met Randy...
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    Anyone heard of this Organisation

    The Hive at One Planet Looks like a commission selling site?
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    BBKA Insurance withdrawn

    Since it is St Piran's day I forgive you E1/2B! Gol Piran Lowen Yeghes da
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    Gol Piran Lowen

    Gol Piran Lowen
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    Oxalic with supers on.

    Wait untill it is T shirt weather... and the rhubarb is in full leaf. Then slip a rhubarb leaf on top of the frames once you have done a quick inspection.. OA in the leaf will infuse the hive as bees remove it and any varroa will get a dose and hopefully die! NO it is not 1st April Gol Piran Lowen