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    Bees Sick - what to do

    To oliver90owner Left the supercede cells on - two in hives 2 and 3 but 4/3 weeks ago now. Possibly one turned drone laying (hive 2) and the other still waiting or lost on mating flight?? - will take your advice - and hope to end up with one good hive. Thanks
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    Bees Sick - what to do

    I have three hives that have been good for three years. This year hive 1 appeared to have swarmed in mid April. So I put brood from hive 2 into it. Hives 2 and 3 both had Qcells which we removed and seemed health. Both appeared to requeen - just a couple of supersede cells. No numerous swarm...
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    Another fine mess

    Drone laying Queen Sort of related - I seem to have a drone laying queen - if I buy a new queen will the bees rid the hive of the drone layer or do I have to find the queen and remove her myself first. Ann