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    Beekeepers Professions

    I did, when I started, using wbc inners, but soon moved on to Nationals. It's in use at the roadside - I put my honey for sale in the porch area at the front of the hive! Can one still buy the 15 frame inner boxes anywhere?
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    Beekeepers Professions

    Self employed Software trainer since '87, currently remote training radiology consultants to report scans from home. Previously research fellow (agricultural economics) Reading uni, and Lincoln College, NZ. Along the way tried law cost drafting, spreadsheet apps developer, design/build/launch...
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    Off to the Heather

    G Great news JB, especially after your earlier thoughts re the wildfire damage to heather near you. Could it be that the natural response to adversity, the compensatory growth principle, is giving a kick to re-colonise and regenerate the space left by the burnt heather? Hope it turns out well...
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    Off to the Heather

    Somerford, how did your heather hives look?
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    Off to the Heather

    Weather forecast looks good for heather moors on Blorenge this next few days. The ling seemed late this year in that part of S Wales, and I'm just hoping that there is enough soil moisture for a decent flow. Murray's twitter report from Scotland shows the ling flow started earlier, last week I...
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    Two queens divided by a QE

    Had one this year on a demaree where I left the top bbox over an excluder but with no top entrance. The virgin had hatched, slipped out through the excluder, flown and mated successfully, returning back up through the excluder to start laying. She is very dark and large now in full lay...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    I am sorry to hear that JB, so no heather until hopefully it recovers for next year. A burn should invigorate old heather plants as on the managed grouse moors with a beneficial effect on bloom for a few yeats beyond that.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Hi JB, how is the heather progressing near you?
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    Off to the Heather

    17lbs per hive extracted from 3 hives, after including taking 2 of the blackest broodcombs from each broodnest (replace with fdn, then feed) as recommended by Into the Lions Den. Pressing these 2 per hive gave an extra 3lbs per hive.
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    Off to the Heather

    Hi to heather-goers. How has this year's heather yielded ( I noticed Calluna4u was "only" averaging around the 20-25 kg per hive mark in Scotland)!? Was the flowering season later than previous years, and did it flow later too?
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    Off to the Heather

    Hi JB, the ling was looking as though flowering would be late this year when I checked the moorland near Blaenavon on 18th July. How's it looking up on the hill by you?
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    Google Compak South, near Bath.
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    OSR Advice

    Yes, back in the 80s the rape was taller, smellier and seemed to yield more consistently. Then I was the same height as now, but my sense of smell has diminished, but average yields are definitely less, by quite a bit and are more variable (sensitive to temperature and soil moisture). These...
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    Heather 2018

    Just this afternoon been up near Blaenavon to take a look near a site we have used. The area of thin soils over mine workings has virtually all ling plants scorched completely by dry summer (sadly this is the closest heather in most recent summers). But there are patches of ling flowering well...
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    AFB management

    Agreed, poor move by the NBU imo.