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    National Hives For Sale Leicestershire

    Still got some Hives and Nucs for sale.
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    Unbeleavable what some people can do....

    Hi All I don't post on here that often just read most of the threads, but thought I'd share this with you as I was quite shocked, but I guess it happens and always will do. I sold an extractor to a older chap via a car boot sale the misses did a few weeks back, anyway he ended up with my phone...
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    National Hives For Sale Leicestershire

    HI All I have some hives for sale, the are National Hives, over wintered 2010 Queens, breed by me. They have 2 supers partially filled, colonies expanding well. Located near Thurmaston Leicestershire. Pm me or call me on 07989 404 903. Cheers Mark.
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    AFB In Northampton

    Hi Hope this isn't a repeat post but I had an email this morning from my BKA Details Below; AFB is in 3 villages now in Northamptonshire. Irthlingborough, Little Harrowden and Finedon. Seems to be in a Triangle. If anyone lives close by to these villages expect to get a visit from Bee...
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    apideas , what next?

    [edited me being a bit thick.... . Cheers Mark
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    apideas , what next?

    I would make a simple frame out of ply to house the apidea in that was the same size as the nuc, then put the lid on this, you wouldn;t need to treat the wood as it would only be temporary. Or even put a few bricks, or some 3x2 wood built up to the height of the apidea, on the crown board at end...
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    apideas , what next?

    Hi I'll try and help but this year is my first attempt with them as well, hopefully you may find some of it help full. I have 2 set up and have so far bred 6 queens in them, some were cells and some were virgins I was given from the local BKA. I have taken mated queens out of the Aipdeas and...
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    Bee Inspector Visit

    Very interesting thread this, with some interesting views. I just wanted to add that I had an inspection yesterday on my hives and 5 samples of around 60 bees taken from random hives for a DNA test (I believe) to find out if there are any diseases present in any amount, not something I really...
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    Sales technique

    Same stuff I've got, they are drawing it out but slightly uneven, so will just see how it goes. Mark.
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    Sales technique

    As far as i'm aware and what I'm going to use is a stainless steel cut comb cutter and 8oz plastic trays, I guess the labeling falls in to the same category as the jars, but apart from that I don;t think there is anything else to worry about. Maybe one of the experienced beeks can give us all...
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    Sales technique

    Last Year I was selling my first crop of Honey at £4.50 a lb, I could have sold 5 times the amount I had, this year I have just taken off my first harvest and increase to £5 a lb and in an attempt to add value and increase revenue, I have started to do smaller 4oz and 8oz jars at £2.50 and £3.50...
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    Pork Pie

    Nowt wrong with pork pies! Love em! Bit off topic but, I've got 8 saddlebacks off to slaughter in 6 weeks, home breed. Going to butcher one myself, make my own Sausages, Hams, bacon, Salmari's, Choritzo's. Pigs are THE most versitile animal, they only think you can't eat is the Oink! Can't...
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    Midnight inspections?

    PMSL at this image in my head! Just made a stressful day funny!! Finman some of your stories are great! as funny as they are a lot can be learnt from them! Cheers Mark.
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    Versitile Queen rearing.

    HI PolyHive Thanks for posting the pic and giving the info on you methods. I like the colored brick idea might try that one myself when mt apiary gets bigger! Cheers Mark.
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    Incubating Queen Cells

    HI Marcos, PH Thanks for the heads up on the hatching, I have put them into NC holders with a hair roller over the top, if I attach them to super frames do you think it will be better to put them in the top super to hatch out? i have 3 on one Hive that has swarmed and should have, in the next...