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    Who's lost a swarm then...........

    One of mine swarmed 3pm yesterday just as I was about to do an inspection. They spent all night 30' up in a large tree in my garden then finally left lunch time today. As they left I jumped in my car and followed them hoping they would rest somewhere where I could retrieve them but they gave me...
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    perhaps wasted space!

    Absolutly fab, must have cost a fortune not to mention expert carpentry.
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    I have a resident woody in my garden and so far, as far as i'm aware it hasn't showed any interest in my hives.
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    Robbing within the apiary

    Search "Homemade Bee Hive Robbing Screens" on youtube.(sorry cannot post link because i have got less than 10 post) It may help and looks easy to make.
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    Cleaned supers

    I put mine in the freezer for a day or so then seal them up tight in black bin bags. You have to be careful while they are frozen because they are very brittle.
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    best way to clean extractor ......?

    I give mine to the bees for the rest of the day to pick clean then cold soapy water ready for packing away till next time.
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    What is this?!

    If you go to the wildlife watch home page for the Hoverfly-Volucella-zonaria they are requesting sightings so they can track their movements.
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    How much honey do you lose with a swarm?

    I think lost a couple of frames when mine left, it was a large swarm. The frames were just about ready to remove and you could see a large area on two frames where the cappings had been removed and empty cells.
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    Bumble Bees

    I have had about 10 calls in the last week all sounding like bumbles. A couple of callers were really troubled by their prescence so I went and removed them. One was in a bird box so I now am the proud owner of a new bird box complete with sitting tennents and the other one I moved to a nice...
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    can someone please check my beecam is working

    Very nice thank you why is it time lapsed though. I have one on mine and works seemless. I also put one inside waiting for a queen cell to hatch bit I didn't count on the fact they would cluster around it so I didn't see the happy event but still very interesting